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FNaF: Game Maker Tutorial – Part 1

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Here’s the tutorial you’ve all been wanting! In this part we’ll be making some sprites for the game! Also, I noticed at the last second I was running out of time to record which is why I jusy said cya xD


  1. For loading the game on startup (so you don't have to type in a code to unlock 6th night), you can go to the Menu room and go to the creation code and load it from there

  2. i love green ricky rickyg i subed

  3. dude I played all your five nights at toy freddy's games there so cool

  4. there is five nights at toy freddys and five night at toy freddys remaster

  5. what editing software did he use?

  6. RickyG! I'm finally get the GameMaker: Studio Professional! well, now i can make a fnaf fangame!

  7. I don't say cus words but I know you don't say cus words

  8. This I helping me! On scratch,i made a fnaf fan game; And I failed.Thanks to you i'll never make that mistake again.

  9. I have a question!!!! 😀
    Could you make a tutorial for a 3D game like TJoC? 😀

  10. I really want to do That.. But I Can't Afford Game Maker and my trial Ran Out 🙁

  11. Even though I HATE! Green I really do like green freddy

  12. 11:57 (pauses) wait you made that fnaf 3 fangame bro that things awesome even after the real thing was released that game is still amazing

  13. i may do Five Nights At T-REX CAFE series (including the anime edition)

  14. Oh… I just realised I’m iPad… whoops…

  15. We don't need to credit you 1000's of people do this

  16. did you pay for gamemaker?(do you use gamemaker 2 or 1)

  17. dont forget that this is the creator of a very good undertale fangame.

  18. Gosh… I Remember Watching This Video,
    I Was 11 Back Then In 2017,
    Then I Made My Own FNAF Fan Game
    I Was On The Middle Stage,
    I Know Whenever I Saved It It's Always Error.

    But Until One Day I Was Making The Game Then My Computer Crashed
    And Start Over Again,And Then I Give Up.

    BTW Good Times :''v

  19. Why does this have 80000 views and only 753 likes? Is this another sick annoying YouTube glitch

  20. I was originally going to make a game called Five Nights in the Creator's Mind, but I was too lazy and it got cancelled.

  21. I have a gamemaker game, gamejolts five nights in their world

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