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Welcome to FNAF Forgotten Memories, yet again another FNAF game recently released and it’s amazing! This is another Roblox creation and 100% is a GEM. Everything about this game is really well crafted (even the difficulty…) – Enjoy episode 1!

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  1. The problem I have with this game is that it’s basically impossible in the later nights if you’re playing solo. What I want them to do is scale the behavior of the animatronics so that it’s somewhat doable solo.

  2. Doors: finally, a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary!

  3. I can’t believe Ryan made a Ohio joke this is why I absolutely love this channel

  4. For a roblox game this is AMAZING GRAPHIC GAMEPLAY AND OTHERR

  5. The office looks like it was inspired by five nights at Rachel's

  6. does anyone realize this office layout is five nights at rachels or smth like that?

  7. I love how he couldn’t find out how to close cams while there’s just a button that says "exit cams"

  8. anybody gonna talk about “Doodoohead”

  9. Did you know the office in forgotten memories is the office from those nights at rachels

  10. how he felt when saying this is ohio 🤓

  11. If your not good with puppets or with any of that sorts then– DIED!!! LOL 7:35

  12. its cool how roblox evolved from platforming minigames and tycoons to something that doesnt even seem possible to make on roblox

  13. YES FINALLY, He played roblox, my favorite game!

  14. Wow.
    Just an amazing game, surprised ROBLOX can run a game just as spectacular as this one

  15. there is 6 nights actually and night 6 is nightmare time so you better have more people than you

  16. His Roblox name was doodoohead 💀

  17. Bro I understand that its creepy and kinda hectic or whatever but take some time to read man it helps a lot

  18. peopole forget that Roblox engine is written in C++ aka the fastest programming language that all big games use, as well as Lua the fastest scripting language, with some interaction between C++ and Lua to achieve amazing game performance

  19. It's difficult to solo especially when your new to it.

  20. Just ignore YeaMan and the other bot that constantly replies under people's comment to win a prize.
    He might as well reply to me for some reason. Soon enough.
    They are just bots…

  21. Who know that Ryan is used for a cringy amogus-RainbowFriends game

  22. 4:47 "HOW DO I GO BACK!?!?!" there's literally a button iwth exit cams writed on it

  23. when i saw that game and played it it look grate for a robox game tba and yes i see the spelling

  24. this game is meant for four people, that's why it's tough to play alone

  25. this roblox game is like your playong fnaf game

  26. this game doesnt even seem like roblox at all that even youtube got the game wrong

  27. Anyone else see this as a slightly modified those nights at Rachel's?

  28. You have to restart the ventilation from arcade and the power from electricaly

  29. Playing this alone is hard,
    You should play with more people

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