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FNAF Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Full Game

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  1. at night 2, (withered)foxy stands where you shine if toy chica is here

  2. You are a god of fnaf 2🤯 you are a crack 😁👍

  3. I'm confused why Bonnie always go first at the first series (FNaF 1)

  4. withered chica T-posing to assert her dominance.

  5. The part that I didn't like was that music and I didn't like when Bonnie was in from the mask

  6. And I didn't like the bangs out of the fence and I did not like the way how when you were fighting in front you see all the animatronics

  7. Ignore the part when I said fighting I didn't mean to say that

  8. Am i the only one who didn’t understand this game ?

  9. I missed the live stream (this is my new channel)

  10. My bravery: Exists
    Me wanting to playing the game: Adios

  11. video game news you legend😎👌

  12. I jusy installed the game and I can't finish the 1st night lol so thx for thid now I know what to do!

  13. Nice finished night 1
    Night 2
    Night 3
    Keep up the awesome work

  14. I fell down everytime you put that mask on its more scary than that animanitronics for me

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