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FNAF Fangames Were Attacked

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It has recently come to light that several prominent fangame developers were allegedly operating a secret community dedicated to acquiring unreleased materials from upcoming fangames. It looks like they amassed these assets to try and obtain leverage over other prominent fangame projects and creators.

Do not bother ANYONE mentioned in this video. You may be upset with some of the things that some community members are alleged to have done. Ignore these people. Rather, now is the time for us to show support to the victims of this nightmare. It’s completely unacceptable to bother any of these people over these events.

I want to thank @Kane Carter, @StupidButterfly, @Yu Ro for being so forthcoming about these harrowing experiences. I know it isn’t pleasant to relive.

Also, special-thanks to @Phisnom for providing guest feedback on the voiceover.



Please extend your sympathy to the Chomper’s team. A lot of major figures in our community are involved, and it can be easy to forget that the Chomper’s team are victims of this too:

Yu_Ro – Lead Programmer
The64thGamer – Lead Programmer, Modeler
cbgames – Lead Programmer, Composer
HackGameX294 – Chomping with Chomper Programmer
MrNobo – Character Modeler
mangos- Character Modeler
CallMeDante – Character Modeler
ping69413 – Character + Environment Modeler
SussLord – Chomping with Chomper Programmer
TheMercifulGuard – Environment Modeler
CokosBeanz – Animator
TheDuggster – Animator
ewademar – 2D Artist
ElPichon – 2D Artist
TheFangsomeWolf – 2D Artist
TheDanieru – Sprite Artist
JayferGames – Chomping with Chomper Artist
oli-stone – Composer
YinkyBaginky – Composer + Artist
kennecfox – Artist
LazyThePotato_Vitch – Props Modeler
OdiumDevoniX – Animator
Subwoofer6 – Character Modeler


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  1. This whole scandal is pathetic. The fact that Ultranite raged over an artist not being able to work for him and ruined his whole career is a prime example of someone who isn’t in charge of their emotions. If you ever feel like you have to start some secret blackmail or hate group against someone, you needed help a very long time ago. Absolutely deplorable, glad they got what they deserved. Not to mention that “the pear” is the least intimidating name ever. It’s honestly sad that other people got in on this too.

  2. Okay but to be fair, they might not have actually intended to leak the stuff, just use it as blackmail.
    Still makes them scummy, but they might have been telling the truth

  3. Ok please don't flame me for this but I kinda forgive ramenov for being sincere and actually apologizing in the ending of jr's. Low-key sad to see him go although I can't fully forgive him because of this but at least he apologized. A little sad to see him go ngl.

    As for ultranite he killed chomper's and orchestrated this thing so he can suck it.

  4. I don't understand why they wanted all those leaks like ok so it's a leak it can be changed if it gets to the public

  5. I was confused at first but after watching this video i know. What a terrible thing they did and i was looking up to these games but i wish i knew that they would do something like this. Karma, That's all i can say. Poor people, devs and Scott, Man first the rumors and now THIS? Every community has alot of good people but alot of them are bad, racist, sarcastic AND mean and i know from experience. Thanks for making a video on this.

  6. Can someone please explain to me what are "leaks" for this situation I keep on hearing about it but I come from different community that has leaks but it it didn't ruin nothing.

  7. and thats why i do my projects alone. even if i need voice overs i try to d them myself and if i cant do them i THEN AND ONLY THEN ask for help. even if i would tell anyone some leaks i would make sure that they arent using it for that tipe of stuff you talking about. i just start to hate that im even making any games/modes/animations just cuzz i got hacked and most of my hard work was stolen. mtb they havent got anything about my fan games…yet?

  8. 𝚓 𝚎 𝚗 𝚗 𝚎 𝚜 𝚒 𝚜 says:

    I swear…the FNAF community can be so damn toxic.

  9. The leakers is stil alive ım helping a fnaf fan game my friend is making a fake friend used me and I didnt know it… Luckly I posted the consept arts I made that will not used and the friend that makes the fnaf fan game acts like a leaker and post fake leaks to 4k them theres I think a list of fan games that is in danger by leakers

  10. this isnt even that bad its just a leak with tells people more about games that they want to know it doesn't matter just get over it

  11. This melted my brain but I would have been like naw man this is blackmail and I'd report them to da popo 🚨

  12. I was gonna start getting back into making my fnaf fangame but now I don't really want to due this drama. It just makes me sad

  13. I will never understand how selfish do you have to be to stoop so low and do this towards other people, that satisfaction wont last long when you do what you did and sooner or later it will come back to haunt you but by then nobody will be forgiving. If you literally have beef with somebody why not just talk things out cause that's the adult thing to do, or just block and ignore each other and find new projects instead of wasting time wanting revenge.

  14. Have only one thing to say to stupidbutterfly be normal 😐

  15. i was watching one of Fusions videos wile he was talking about chompers so i searched up why chomper was cancelled

  16. ultranite is the william afton of the situation

  17. I wonder what would have happened if people would just have integrity… maybe this would have ended differently.

  18. This just sucks! I feel so bad for all the fan game developers! They didn’t deserve this. The people who did this suck. So many fan games were impacted, and I feel bad for the team working on Chopper’s. But at least it’s over. Let’s hope things can go back to normal.

  19. Oh 🙄 sheesh . A few nerds showing their @epeens 😂😂😂😂😂

  20. So the five nights at jrs guy did this 🙁

  21. This video is, despite being on such a frustrating and outright depressing topic, a breath of fresh air. Considering just how much controversy the entire fnaf fanbase has gone through the last few months, your channel not being spared with its rapid growth and close ties to a lot of hot-point topics, it's nice to see that even opposing sides can come together to shut down bigger, nastier evils than either are.
    (That being in reference to your and Kane's own drama recently, which I hope full-heartedly is resolved and over with by now. I try not to actively follow drama, as it's not good for my mental health.)

  22. Some people are so messed up. This person had NO right to do this. Why do people feel the need to cause chaos? I like how the excuse was: " We were never going to ACTUALLY leak the information." Bull. total bull. even IF its true It's still WRONG.
    Some people just suck.

  23. Ultranite can do any apology he want's but won't get any forgiveness from people, leaking personal data of someone you have beef with is the epitome of a person who lost pretty hard and just become into pathetic thing, and their claim that "they wouldn't actually leak anything" can show it up their ass because even if they wouldn't, doesn't mean they didn't have it, the stress the gave to those people were REAL, fucking herods thinking they are a big shots or something
    it's not a death threat but i wish them the same stress and outcome they gave to those poor people

  24. i don’t fucking care if they did shit it could have been fake allegations in year they just maybe waited to make them seem like bad people YOUR “friend” ruined good games

  25. Those screenshots can be fake. since there isnt anything that can prove them being real. find some proof and ill believe the "real" screenshots that are the only part really holding up this story them being apologetic and not wanting to be cancelled over screenshots that can be faked so easliy.

  26. whats your backround music in this vid its sounds cool

  27. Everything about this just sucks, I expected the community to come together after Scott laid to rest, but look at what’s happening…. I hope only the best for anyone victimized here, and I’m just really disappointed with anyone in the pear group..

  28. Ok I kinda like ultra knight and Romanov I think popgoes is overated for it’s crappy models for the charecters and building the gameplay is awesome but yea

  29. The picture of Scott’s kids was kind of acceptable if we was doing it as a like “look how cute they are” kind of thing but the video of the wedding was just bad and not fair to Scott

  30. the one thing i never understood abt this whole thing is WHY leaks would mean a game is cancelled. like yeah leaks suck but why is there such a weird unspoken understanding in the fnaf community that leaks = game death. its not the end of the world??? i dont get it

  31. "Who do these people think they are? The Mafia?"
    Them: "Yes"
    Me: Grads silenced pistol "Here we go again"

  32. Okay I'm totally late for the party and my words will sound controversial, buuut I do wanna join the conversation.

    I get Ultranite's reason for leaking Popgoes content. I would also feel betrayed if someone agreed to work for me and then his other employer comes in and asks for them to find new employee. The problem is that you didn't do it yourself first and someone else did. This of course doesn't justify his actions, but I do understand the reason. But why the hell he leaks others content is beyond me.

    Then about Chompers…I do think it's bad that game was cancelled. Like seriously if the game is good I don't get why people can't enjoy it. So I don't quite agree with Scott's decision. Then again his private info was leaked so yeah. Just separate game from a creator. JR's is a prime example obviously. They posted the game and people enjoyed it even though Ramenov was also in Pear.

    Either way it's just my opinion. I wanna share it because… why not :/

  33. That gonna be a very painful kick in the dick

  34. On top of the information about the leaks, Kane Carter + co released a substantial document providing evidence that the participants of "The Pear" would frequently utilize hateful, misogynistic, homophobic, transphobic (unfortunately the list kinda just keeps going) language. This is obviously reprehensible, but I didn't see it fit to include it in the video. A lot of that content would not have been able to make it into the video uncensored anyway, and frankly, I think The Pear's actions regarding Kane + the other fangame developers they betrayed is more than enough justification to be furious at them. However, if you needed more reasons to be upset, the language they used is certainly abhorrent and unacceptable.

    On top of this, I was made aware of a lot of things regarding Ultranite's past projects that are quite concerning. However, these things weren't relevant to the issue at hand here. I don't intend to follow up on these things; as I said at the end of the video: IGNORE THEM. That's the best way we can defang the threat of their blackmail dropping – show them that we won't even notice, and that it won't impact those games whatsoever.

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