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FNAF Fan games are… really bad

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five nights at freddy’s fan games are really bad, fnaf fan games bro bad

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  1. which fuckinh fan games WERE YOU PLAYING? like did you not check out the official fnaf fan games?

  2. if you ever decide to play FNAFB Id recommend the complete collection it has all the 3 games, 2 new small stories, new content, and its more balanced and polished
    If you don't wanna grind but see dumb shit id suggest DSAF 1 2 or 3, in order preferably lol

  3. And now you've summoned the butthurt FNaF fans by saying fangames are bad. Good luck.

  4. I would ays the five nights at warios series slightly increases in quality over time.

  5. Insanity. I remember that game when it dropped. Didn’t play it cause I’m a bitch

  6. This isn't the five nights at f boys I remember anyway the dayshift at freddy's trilogy is one of the best times you can have so there's my pointless recommendation that will definitely never be noted or cared about in any meaningful way lol

  7. FNAFB is amazing game series, you should play them more!

  8. Play Dayshift At Freddy's, it's basically a shitpost if it had an actually story line (and it's also pretty emotional at some parts)

  9. Im annoyed he hasn't played TJOCR, now thats a good fan-game

  10. Woke up sick and found myself watching a Kwite video, my day won’t be going too good but it’s ok

  11. Fnaw will always be the best fnaf one clone to me

  12. well done on playing the jokey not meant to be "really good" games and saying "FNAF fan games are really bad"

  13. play the actually good fuckboys game (Complete collection)

  14. Oh it got age restricted-age restricted, like the worst you could get

    07.07 12.25

  16. TJOC, FNAC, Final nights, Popgoes, ONAF, Fredbear and friends LTR, TNAR, FNAF simulator, TRTF 2: WW, Tealerland, Jolly, Golden Memory 2 & more: Are we a joke to you?

  17. As a FNaF fangame developer this is probably the best video I've seen in awhile, good job LOL

  18. Ok Kwite, now play more The Joy Of Creation 🙂 I dare you :)))))

  19. if you think fnaw is bad
    (i dont agree in my opinion, but you can have your own)
    play the most recent game in the series
    its a good time, and the dlc is gonna be even better

  20. Try good ones like 5 nights at candy's or 5 nights at jolly bees or animators hell

  21. Can you play through all of the five nights at warios games? They're surprisingly good for their low quality appearance.

  22. Sometimes I see real kwite and realize the VTuber avatar isn't actually him

  23. Half of them are made in undet 15 minutes. Others are 10x better than the best fnaf game

  24. If you want some quality fnaf fangames you should try five nights at chuck e cheese rebooted, treasure island (2020), TJOC: story mode, Eddie and the misfits, freadbear and friends left to rot and all of the five nights at Wario games (they are unironicly amazing, packed full of love and care, have cross game interactions where you use knowlage from one game to complete puzzles in another one, a fully original story, tons of games all with a unique style and lot's of varied and engaging gameplay, the're just amazing, but are sadly often overlooked for their graphics and use of mario characters, although the story is fully disconected from the super mario world. I mainly recomend five nighst at wario's 3 and 4 and five shows at warios, you can then watch someone else play through the whole franchise so you know what's going on.)

  25. Now go play the other FNAFB games. They’re better.

  26. Petition for Kwite to play all the FNAW games

  27. i wonder how kwite would react to dayshift at freddy's (DSaF)… FNaF's small sibling that's serious on mystery stories yet on much crack cocaine.

  28. All of Kwites series scratch an itch no other youtuber or streamer can scratch.


  30. Sitting on the toilet, shitting, and watching this. Amazing content from the big floating hoodie man

  31. Not all Fnaf fan games are trash There’s this one called Five nights at Chuck E. Cheese’s rebooted I thought you will not beat that game I want to try it just try it it’s a good game or watch a YouTube or that plays all kinds of Fnaf fan games

  32. watching half screen bc I don’t wanna get spooked even though it’s just shitty fan made games 😳

  33. Play dayshift at Freddys One of the best games on earth

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