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FNAF: Everything You Need To Know (ft. MatPat)

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Five Nights At Freddy’s is a titan of the video game industry. But one thing that still manages to confuse even the most dedicated fans is the lore. And with a new FNAF game coming out very soon, things are about to get even more complicated. So, to bring everyone up to speed before FNAF Security Breach, I’ve teamed up with my friend MatPat to bring you guys, “Everything You Need To Know” about Five Nights At Freddy’s!

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  1. This is the best fnaf lore explanation. I think I’ve seen yet.

  2. Afton became crazy by having his youngest son.

  3. i have proof that the bite of 83 was not a spring lock failer becuse the spring locks need to be activate for the animaltronics need to be activated for them to perform fredbear was alredy peforming when his brother was bit and if it was a spring lock failer then ther would have to be someone inside fredbear for him to stand up striate

  4. It does bother me that Henry disappears for so long and then suddenly reappears with a master plan. It also bothers me how little relevance the bite of 87 event and its victik have on the plot, but heres a theory with no evidence behind it. What if he security guard who was attacked was Henry, its speculated that Afton has acted as a guard sp why not Henry. To me in a narrative sense it would explain why Henry is absent half the time and it would also thematically make sense as it meant Henry would have been introduced in the same game as the Puppet- his daughter.

  5. After MattPatt got upset with you over everything YOU got wrong, YOU said “Dude, I was just the history guy…” so YOU SHOULDN’T have got any of it wrong

  6. It's crazy to think that the FNAF games started almost 10 years ago already!!!

  7. In another video I watched Charlotte wasn’t the first victim…but killed much later by william because he was mad Henry was making his own fazbear location. It also said Henry and William stayed with the franchise for fazbears pizza as well..does anyone know how much accurate this all is? I’m just getting into the lore

  8. The Whole Well Being dead thing Beetlejuice BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE

  9. I’m getting into FNaF again playing the games and learning the story it’s so good I’m excited for the movie and more story 😮

  10. evan got killed before charlie tho right? bc evan didn’t get killed by william since henry built the fredbear costume, and therefore william kills charlie as “payback” to henry

  11. ohhh so thats what made fredbear bite the kid… the tears from his eyes

  12. 14:43 Funny story: I read ‘the silver eyes’ book I thought his name was Sammy Emily

  13. Fnaf VRs creator is steel wools and also of SB/Security Breach

  14. fyi, the bite of 87’ wasn’t from toy bonnie, (who was shown on the screen), mangle was the one who bit the frontal lobe off. 🙂

  15. Listen I think the crying child possessed golden Freddy

  16. The 92-slide powerpoint presentation that MatPat had is always on him. No further questions. (P.S I love this video)

  17. Hehe I get the joke “SCOTT free” 😂

  18. but in fnaf 1 phone guy mentioned the bite of 87?

  19. 10/10, as a HUGE fan of fnaf (and by huge fan I Mean I own every single game), I really enjoyed this. I can’t wait till you recruit mat again for season 2 to inform me again. Why? Because I’m too lazy to do research myself. BUT, I’ll still try to decode it myself. Until then, keep up the videos. Wish you the best of luck!

  20. woah! pull the breaks speed-racer, it has appeared you got a wee-bit of the timeline wrong 🤪. Afton killed charlotte AFTER Evan died . he was salty about his death that he decided to get back at Henry Emily. It’s ok! we all make mistakes but my lawyers will be meeting you this saturday at 2pm. Thanks, Jake

  21. Not them having the kill count music in the background💀

  22. wait how did the spring locks go off with the crying child if the suit was in animatronic mode doesnt it need to be in suit mod to go off

  23. I always thought purple guy was the phone guy

  24. But that can’t be
    Cc was killed after elizabeth, that’s why he’s so afraid of the animatronics. To make sure that no other afton kid would be killed by his creations William made his son cc be super afraid of the animatronics and not go near them. The 4th game happens during cc’s coma and it basically replays a series of nightmares that his dad made him have with a specific frequency in his sleep

  25. Do you know when I first started watching your videos I thought the name was
    But now I know it is foot-of-a-ferret 😂

  26. Actually did you know that even or the crying child was the first child to die and William afton was so mad at henery blaming him for even dying so that is why he killed Charlie and Henry and William started as rivals


  28. Notice how getting “killed” every animatronic jump scares you except one. Springtrap. Springtrap just kinda walks forward and looks at you. Father and son bonding time.

  29. Why was william afton purple? Out of all colors, even normal skintone, why that?

  30. other animatronics- HOLDS YOU AND KILLS YOU
    Springtrap- Oh hello there,WAIT MIKEY?? WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE???!!!!

  31. Why does the “Ryder. Do you know why I called you here?” Sound like theodd1sout?

  32. Hold up fred bears is in gravity falls?

  33. Only 92 slides I’m doing 200 page slide show on the Zelda timeline

  34. Years later this timeline is wrong and sounds weird

  35. I don't know why but I feel obligated to know FNAF lore sense I'm a gamer and I haven't even had the balls to play the original games should I?

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