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FNAF Escape Room | The Glitched Attraction

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The Glitched Attraction has been fully released! Enjoy the wonders of a Five Nights at Freddy’s inspired escape room!

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  1. He's got super wobbly Knees and vibrations is going through Stilich they call them marketplace

  2. Yeah Kyle doesn't need to take his fridge he doesn't need to take his bed.

  3. Bro that robot be talking weird. And he has a whole storyline.

  4. Bro I think Those two robots are in love with each other

  5. This is scary and fun at the same time I want to continue watching but I dont want to

  6. That's so funny when he got into the locker and said "you idiot" only for chica to open it and beat the shit out of him XD

  7. What about DanTDM? He said he was the king of fnaf

  8. When the Nightmare Freddy thing was right up against the window just before 12:00, that was the first time Ive jumped at anything in these FNAF playthrough videos in literal YEARS.

  9. at 25:27 i started clenching my head and stressing due to the door not opening and chica chasing you 😭

  10. "This is the first time the stage has been in front of me"

    Help wanted home screen : and i took that personally

  11. I love how I went from the demo which was done two years ago or something like that straight to this and seeing that the nose now squeaks (mark complained about that in the first one) and he can’t remember anything

  12. Im pretty sure this takes place in fnaf 3 "Fazbears Frights"?

  13. the date on the phone in the beginning is my birthday!!!

  14. Mark: Why was he silent!?
    Me: but he wasnt… there were footsteps🤷‍♀️

  15. The part where he looked out the window and fredbear was there I fell out my chair.

  16. new account ∙ 7.7B views ∙ 3 seconds ago     . says:


  17. “Is there a battle pass?” 😂😭😂

  18. Markiplier you need everything to go to the glitched attraction

  19. Markiplier say your old slogan is this the bite of 87

  20. Mark's energy in this video is so good, I love it he was so funny throughout the entire thing. A joy to watch

  21. i can get new backrounds…. is there a BaTtLe PaSs

  22. Sit back knowing there is no jumpscares!!

  23. 19:2019:25 "You punch me?! You PUNCHED me??!!?!" had the same energy as Millions Knives crying, "Did you shoot me?? Did you ACTUALLY SHOOT ME?!???!!??!"

  24. dude @11:55 that is the first time i've been jumpscared and audibly gasped at the same time jesus fuck

  25. The fact that toy Chica just punches the shit out of you for stepping on the cupcake is hilarious

  26. I have evidence you didn't help wanted

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