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FNAF AR JR’s Animatronics Jumpscare & Workshop Animations

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FNAF AR JR’s Animatronics Jumpscare & Workshop Animations

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This video is based on the game JR’s by darroc.


  1. Hm never pictured them as skinny thought theyd be rounder

  2. batata frita com bacon,maionese e molho de alho :D says:

    I like fnaf please tell me the name this game

  3. What I love about these renders is that they look like animatronics from real life restaurants!

  4. Bonnie and the first rabbit to wear glasses.

  5. These models give me the same vibe that the country bear jamboree always gave me as a kid at Disney world. Especially the Disney sing along tape where the country bears chased the children around Tom sawyers island. Terrified me as a child

  6. This is the kind of stuff that shows up in sleep paralysis

  7. If before rhey were scary, now they're horrible

  8. The one thing I like about these designs is how they look like something you would see at showbiz pizza place or Chuck E. Cheese

  9. These animatronics look quite realistic and excellent.

  10. One last thing you forgot about BB and the puppet 🤨🤨🤨🤨

  11. Is this game fnaf AR or your actual game

  12. that whirr when they move is so unnerving

  13. Intro reminds me of osro, the dud who does those 2d transformers animations

  14. Foxy is probably the best looking character, but bonnie definitely looks like a grandpa

  15. By far the most terrifying versions I've seen.

  16. Pls do night Toy anamatronics😢😢😢😢😢😢

  17. This is what the live-action movie should've used honestly

  18. these animatronics looks like they were created by a Briton

  19. What does the letters "AR" and "JR" stand for?

  20. Bro Jr’s Bonnie Look’s Like An Uncle💀💀💀

  21. Можно сыллку на игру где всë открыто и много денег

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