FNAF AR - Damaged Animatronics VOL #1 -FULL Workshop animations! - jetgame.pl

FNAF AR – Damaged Animatronics VOL #1 -FULL Workshop animations!

Yerribrine Animations
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Animations used:
Damaged Golden Freddy:
Damaged Mangle:
Damaged Puppet:
Damaged Spring bonnie:
Damaged Circus Baby:
Original Damaged Animatronics:

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The Credits & contact:
Model or models by: ITZBunnySFM, yinyanggio1987, goldyboldy, spiderjunior10.
Animations by: Yerribrine



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  1. security:*founds a body inside* yup this is definitely damaged

  2. Fanf fans:that anit scary like my mom gave me a pickle
    security beach fans:yeahhh……….

  3. Bro the first one scared the heck out of me that was probably the creepiest one.

  4. the noise bonnie made, well the noise the kid made, reminded me of that one game jerma played where this like baby would run into walls or whatever and make that noise

  5. Anybody else feel creeped out by the way their eyes seem to be staring into our souls?

  6. Afton deserves everything u got in that suit

  7. Блин, смотришь на них и плакать хочется 😭

  8. Spam the "WAS THAT THE BITE OF 87?! " in the chat

  9. The way puppet's lifting rope broke I may have laughed a bit.

  10. Animatronics eyes are made out of glass of

  11. Alguien me puede decir cómo tengo ese juego o esa app

  12. I feel bad for Jeremy because he's inside a bonny looks

  13. 7:55 Hearing the children groan, moan, and cry for help is so sad. It makes me think of their parents or parent who have not seen their kids in days, and finding out they have been murdered is absolutely heartbreaking.

  14. Can somebody tel me how the security guard died?

  15. I like they that: because of how of foxy is built, there was a enough room to stuff the kid in the chest area, this is probably why we don’t see any body parts on foxy

  16. Empezó algo, MUY fuerte el video ¿no creen? :v

  17. I didn't want to sleep tonight even

  18. Criying boy screams always makes me afraid

  19. I can't possibly be the only one who suffers from Anxiety after hearing screams & cries in the Fredbear animation! 😭

  20. the arms sticking out through the eyes give me goosebumps☠☠☠

  21. William wasn't meant to scream tho? Why did he scream.

  22. bro bonnie's Inside almost looks like gregory💀

  23. The damaged foxy one I fought was the most disturbing but the last one checkmated me

  24. Idk if its fnaf ar with the crying sound but its not even scary they probably got it from some video of some kid crying for no reason

  25. It gonna lie I laughed when the puppet fell off the rope… there’s only me also who would wave at these

  26. Is there a reason that mangle has multiple Endo skeleton heads?

  27. That fredbear one at the start is horrifying because correct me if i am wrong but it is the audio clip saved from when he bit the child and you cab hear the pain and terror

  28. samuelbarbosaramirez666 samuelbarbosaramirez666 says:

    Não quero esse vídeo não vou querer esse vídeo não vou querer esse vídeo falei não não e outra 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  29. So since character animations can just repeat again and again does that mean there can be infinite guards be bitten by foxy?

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