FNAF AR, Can Your Phone STOP a Killer Animatronic? | The SCIENCE of...FNAF Special Delivery - jetgame.pl

FNAF AR, Can Your Phone STOP a Killer Animatronic? | The SCIENCE of…FNAF Special Delivery

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FNAF AR Special Delivery is coming out soon, and there’s not too much information out yet about the game. But that isn’t going to stop Austin from diving right in! Today on The SCIENCE, Austin explores the question of whether or not your phone could actually be used as an effective weapon against animatronics in this “real-world” FNAF game.

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  1. hey Austin have you ever thought that the electricity is not real, so is the animatronic so get noob other while that will be like "hey I got wtf is wrong with this game a dead guy in an old suit wants me dead! then he becomes mine wtf!!??"

  2. I don't like this dude because he is boring

  3. Who are you and I like matpat way better I gave you the thumbs down because it was you again Matt pack rules

  4. Please do more fazbear frights book theories

  5. watching this man go crazy is quite entertaining

  6. Bruh I know the fnaf story but idk what are you saying Austin

  7. Circuit breakers are much better than fuses for a house. Fuses are an absolute pain.

  8. FNAF Special Delivery 2: FNAF's Controlled Shock

  9. Austin: "You bet your donkey we can!"
    Captions: "you bet your donkey weekend"

  10. The scariest thing ever is eating pizza while watching the game theory on your iPad and playing fnaf on your phone.

  11. 0:50 the first thing that came to my mind was "𝙎𝙐𝙎
    my sense of humor has turned to ash at this point, and been ejected into the vacuums of space.

  12. "It's not the car that killed them it's the kinetic energy"

  13. Newton:Gravity


  14. Which channel was made first game theory or the game theorists?

  15. Easy steps to know if electricity is gonna kill you. Anything with 40v and 900mA and up is pretty much death.
    12v and a billion amps youll be fine

  16. 1:57 "the limited battery power"
    my phone which's at 12% before the game even starts: 😰

  17. the biggest, baddest anamictronic of them all: your house.

  18. The bottle of scotch next on the desk, I felt that.

  19. but see, it still works fine

  20. you can make austin drop the f bomb by waiting until 5:52 and rewinding five seconds
    your welcome

  21. alternatively instead of using an electricity arc or a power saw, you could just bonk the offending animatronic over its robot head

  22. me and the boys on our way to make a cell phone taser

  23. Plot twist: you are actually gonna play as Thor in the game. That's where the lightning comes from.

    foxy:NO WAIT * dies*

  25. Okay, but what if instead of thinking that the robot is a robot, we think of it as a person because they have a soul? Or is that dumb?

  26. Why can I play fnaf ar in my android phone?

  27. denki karmanari 13MILLION VOLTS!!!!!!

  28. I don't want to be rude correcting you but the controlled shock in fnaf 5 releases a controlled amount of electricity that forces the robots to move, but your right I higher about of electricity would stop them.

  29. Everytime I watch these videos I get smarter

  30. Austin: Explaining how electricity is supposed to arc
    Me, who failed high school physics: I LIKE YOUR FUNNY WORDS MAGIC MAN!!!

  31. Could you imagine playing this and your Alexa starts messing with lights and other devices like the TV?

  32. or maybe, the robots have a bunch of relay switches, that when you give them even a weak zap, the switches turn off, but once the electricity runs out they switch back on, rather then charging your battery to millions of volts. amperes, joules or whatever else

  33. umm polyfuses
    self resetting protection devices often using the buildup of heat to slow the resetting action mainly used in low voltage electronics (ie batteries)(ie robots) to protect against known accidental issues such as usb ports being loaded on a pc beyond about 2a on usb2.0 (often 4a per pair and even use a "p" symbol on the device)
    now yes a polyfuse is for frequent temporary and common issues such as a broken usb device shorting out or a hub drawing too much power because of downstream devices but if I designed a large robot meant to often interact with children and food I would use polyfuses on each motor driver off the main bus so if a driver gets covered in food by sheer bad luck a simple cleaning can repair the entire device

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