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FNaF All Secrets & Easter Eggs (1-UCN) – (2014-2022)

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All Secrets & Easter Eggs from the awesome game Five Nights At Freddy’s. (FNaF 1 till Ultimate Custom Night)

Intro: 0:00
FNaF 1: 0:29
FNaF 2: 4:55
FNaF 3: 8:22
FNaF 4: 14:19
FNaF SL: 19:08
FFPS: 29:20
UCN: 42:56

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  1. Dang bro that's a nice job finding all of them!❤

  2. The strange voice in SL with Enard you hear screaming thats William Afton dying

  3. When sped up to 2x the first Ennard voice sounds like William in the spring locks or screaming

  4. In the Lefty rain screen there an image of Puppet in the top right corner of the screen when lit up

  5. The strange Voice like William Afton dead in springlooks

  6. If you look that the night you will get caught quickly with all the noises

  7. Is it normal that I got Shadow Bonnie 3 times in a row?

  8. FNAF 3 that is not golden Freddy I heard it’s called crumpled freddy

  9. The only Easter eggs I've ever gotten while playing the series were the Shadow Bonnie figure in FNAF 2, the springtrap death screen in FNAF 3, and the death screen with the the animatronic in the back alley in Five Nights at Freddy's Pizzeria Simulator.

  10. That "strange voice" from ennard was william yelling "MIIIIIIIKE!!" when he was being spring-locked, if you ungarble it.

  11. Potatopanda And Snauren Studios 💓💖 says:

    How do you get the secret room in SL on mobile?

  12. 44:13 From all the FNAF creepy moments (that to be honest never actually scared me) this is the only time I got shivers in my spine.

    I want to forget that picture holy shit…

  13. I find it interesting but the code in fnaf2 shows that its supposed to have the camera feed interrupted a second or two after you see any of the camera extra animatronics, but Scott didn't code it correctly so it never worked.

  14. why does Micheal low key sound like de Bradley baker

  15. 7:39 if u here the letters it spells “save him” there’s a mat pat theory short about it

  16. Well, my cousin, 😂 caught Freddy looking at him

  17. 2:43 this is actually not in game though it was in the game files it is not something you can get at least great example of the Mandela effect

  18. Puaffff el único que me ha salido es Shadow bonnie

  19. fnaf 1 was and sometimes still is more scary if its about secrets

  20. idc what u guys say fnaf 4 was the scariest


  22. 2:47 I enjoy how there was a whole debate on this particular scene on how it was actually never used and just a mandela effect, THIS right here is just proof that it only was in the game but the fact that the mandela effect was in reverse.

  23. the blue screen with numbers in sl is apparently a debug menu so scott can see where ballora is or smth

    something about pathfinding and coordinates

  24. Didn't know the fnaf 3 map upside down is scott

  25. I use watched the trailer and it showed cory😂

  26. In fnaf 3,, how do you see the smallest details through the worst camera ever?

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  28. I love how In every original fnaf game you can honk Freddy’s nose

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