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FNAF Rewritten: 87′ a new Five Nights at Freddys fan game where FNAF 2 has been remade and its really scary..


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  1. I just got so mad when I saw how he read the instructions and didn't follow them once. STAY ON THE CAMS.

  2. "Please don't turn off the device until reboot is complete" fusion: How do I turn the power back on???

  3. You should play the rake remastered on Roblox it’s spooky

  4. why does everyone have to be that close to u it's like there trying to stair u down

  5. freddies: we attack at the frontbonnies: AMOGUSchicas: AMOGUSBB: AMOGUSfoxy: i attack at the front, don't make a harry potter reference at me or i die and i have to respawnmangle: AMOGUS?puppet: i need music if you don't wind it up i will send you to jesus even before you're gonna see itgolden freddy: i did the bite of 83 once, i can do it again

  6. Seeing the animatronics moving that much kinda murders the atmosphere for me tbh

  7. I think it would be interesting to add a sort of second phase to the puppet, so rather than guaranteed death when the puppet gets out, it escapes and then adds a new mechanic to keep the puppet from killing you. Perhaps something like it can only kill you if u have the mask on, I think that would be an interesting extra mechanic but thats kind of generic and doesn't fit the lore, the puppet is supposed to be the only intelligent one who knows who and what they are and who made them what they are so I think it would have to be some other mechanic. I think this would be a cool way to add new mechanics and throw off players, and just be fresh and interesting. Just my opinion tho idk if anyone has made a game where this happens but someone should lol

  8. You have to keep the tablet on, so the power can reboot

  9. It might just be me, but I have to say that the old FNAF two looked better in terms of animation. The animatronics moving in the remade version just didn't feel right to me. I loved how they used to stand still and act lifeless. Also, the FOV in the newer version made everything look zoomed in and it bothered me a bit. But hey, that's just my opinion.

  10. Foxy is the most terrifying thing i have ever seen on this website

  11. “Please don’t turn off device” fusion turns off device, “ huh what do I need to do?” 😌

  12. Lala❤bala❤bqkwlwkwkkjjjnbn. N❤

  13. everytime i try to run the game it crashes can someone help me

  14. for some reason when the screen flashes black i think that its just a blink thingy-

  15. It was kind of annoying when he was saying, "I can't do anything," when it said DON'T TURN OFF UNTIL REBOOT IS DONE

  16. Bro everytime I watch him it gives me a nostalgia felling

  17. When you’re trying to watch FNAF and it’s all quiet and you’re already spooked and then your dog barks, and it scares the shit out of you

  18. that is super bad because he is playing at Jeremy Fitzgerald the victim of the bite of 87

  19. when it black out it means the something moved in the hallway

  20. “Do not turn off device” fusion immediately turns off the device:

  21. Why does phone guy sound like he's suffurcating

  22. fusion completely ignoring on screen prompt while also reading it lmao

  23. is it safe to download? im just making sure

  24. I love gsme's sound design and moves in corridor!

  25. Bros speaking faster than light💀

  26. The minigame he got when he got jumpscared buy toy bonnie it was ehn purple guy 🔪 henrys daughter im pretty sure

  27. I like how he has played so many horror games by now whenever he gets jumpscared he just laughs, shrugs it off and tries again

  28. "please do not turn off device" "*proceeds to turn off device*" "I don't know what to do."

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