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FNAF 1 Phone call 4 is to sad😭

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  1. 😢😇😭❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🫶

  2. Dude gave 5 minutes of comfort in Night 1 and he went out that way…

  3. I did not realize how sad that was then again I did have to worry about animatronics, trying to murder me and I didn’t really listen while that played out, but poor Scotty

  4. Things that makes people cry :
    1 : Parents dying
    2 : Phone guy death

  5. Who is the phone guy anyways and why did he commit liven't

  6. Sad that my man just sat there calmly accepting his eternal fate

    R.I.P phone guy
    Thank you for the sacrifice

  7. I love this guys I hope he comes to my house and asks me out to dinner but then turns out to be a murderer and musketeers eat his family alive

  8. For some reason, this phone call gives me the vibe of a dad congratulating their kid on something, before saying goodbye to them😢

  9. Does that mean the death screen was phone guy

  10. It's even sadder when you know he was one of the only person to be completely innocent

    Enough to make a grown man cry 😭😭😭😢😢😢😥😥😥😓😓😓

  11. no, actually he got jumped by all 5 of them because the banging is foxy the moaning is golden freddy and chica and if foxy is banging on the door and bonnie is also there because bonnie usually comes first before foxy and the music box is freddy

  12. Pov: you typed in 1,9,8,7 in the custom night

  13. Bruh I got heart broken after seeing this he congratulating us of making so far he's a legend and will never be forgotten 😢💔💔

  14. fnaf made me hate the word “stuff” because there are other words that mean the same thing but everybody just says “stuff”

  15. Bro forgot to bring his M4A1 to his shift for the happy ending😭💀

  16. i fell bad cuz i always like his calls he was so nice if he dies in the movie i will be more sad R.I.P PHONE GUY

  17. For people who wanna know who jumscared him: the banging was foxy the moaning was chica or bonnie or even both the music was freddy and the scream was golden freddy

  18. For those that think Golden Freddy is a boy, she's actually a girl. She's being possesed by a child named Cassidy. And that's pretty a girl-like name
    Edit: R. I. P phone guy may u rest in heaven.

  19. Imagine mike actually finds him in the movie and then phone guy gets the memorial he deserves because his body was found 😢

  20. The fact that Phone Guy got jumped is sad. Mans had to worry because Freddy was in the kitchen, Bonnie and Chica were on both sides, doors both closed, Foxy banging on the door, while Golden Freddy was the one to do him in.

  21. rip phone guy my hero death golden freddy

  22. girls: it's just an message. boys:…😢😢😢

  23. One of my favorite FNAF characters is phone guy…

  24. And they replaced him after 😢😢😢😢😢

  25. He made my playthroughs more happy but ever since he died they were more sad…

  26. F in the chat for my man😢
    He was always there for me at the start

  27. Goodbye Phone Guy you may not be alive anymore but you will always love in our hearts-RIP😭

  28. so is this where the phone guy gets impaled to death after getting in the suit I'm bad at fnaf lore

  29. Why are they even trying to get him so bad?

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