Five Nights at JR's -

Five Nights at JR’s

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This awesome FNAF fan game brings the Freddy’s experience to a whole new level. JR’s is well made and plentifully scary!
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  1. crystal tower needs to be purged from the game so you can actually do the other alliance raids. i'm sick of players reducing their itemlevel to avoid anything besides CT.

  2. Pretty sure the lullaby of the Marionette is the music that was playing

  3. The fact that Mark thinks the stick figure with dots inside the animatronics is the endoskeleton has me amused and annoyed lol THAT STICK FIGURE IS NOT THE ENDO ITS THE GHOST

  4. Is it just me, or does Chica look like she binged watched 78 hours of walking then, and then drank 30 energy drinks? She looks unbelievably concerning……

  5. ik im late but i just LOVE the animatronic designs, foxys looks like a chuck e cheese one, bonnie looks like a costume, chica's body looks like a thick plastic tunic, and freddy looks like a wax statue

  6. marks face when he saw the clay creations

  7. marks face when he got jumpscared it was funny and i gto scared my self loll

  8. I think I have a need to play wow with mark
    that this man knows of barrens chat and mankrik's wife gives me such joy

  9. “Which one of it was you” I don’t know why that made me scream crackle

  10. Bonnie looks like a sugar daddy for some reason

  11. Time flies so quick, I thought this game came out a month ago 😳

  12. The part that makes this game so perfect is that there is no call at the start to tell you what to do :O

  13. Am I the only one who absolutely cannot fucking see handprints?

  14. for every one that wanted to know what hit markiplier when boom he got smart. it was a book

  15. 2:11 The game: crunch crunch crunch
    Me, eating cereal: crunch crunch crunch

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