Five Nights at JR's: Part 2 -

Five Nights at JR’s: Part 2

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We carry Five Nights at JR’s all the way to the terrifying end
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  1. I just rewatched this and I realized this is one hour long?

  2. It takes mark a lot longer to realize night 6 is FNAF 2 than you’d expect

  3. withered bonnies design in this game made me feel even worse for him

  4. He KEEPS worrying about the calls even when they are safe

    does mark act intentionally stupid

  5. The animatronic team up just to build mangle and kill One guard

  6. Why does Puppet look like a Tellitubby?

  7. Jai Naag Devta Ji Maharaj Ji Bhagwaan Ji 🙏🙏 Jai Shesh Naag Devta Ji Maharaj Ji Bhagwaan Ji 🙏🙏 Jai Naagni Devi Maaiya Pyaari Maharani Ji 🙏🙏

  8. Jai Dada Parshuram Ji MAHARAAJ Ji Bhagwaan Ji MAHARAAJ Ji Bhagwaan Ji 🙏🙏

  9. Jai Dada Parshuram Ji MAHARAAJ Ji Bhagwaan Ji MAHARAAJ Ji Bhagwaan Ji 🙏🙏🛐🙇🙇 WMK Ji Maharaj Ji 🙏🙏

  10. Wtf happened to Mangle in the first place and why was she shut down

  11. I honestly think if they made a fnaf 4 or a sl jr’s it would be terrifying 😭

  12. he didn't know what the surprise meant 😭😭

  13. "And now Bonnie's dead?… Is bonnie dead?"

  14. I haven't seen Markiplier this genuinely scared in a while.

  15. At the end he was just like "Ugh, ew, disgusting, I love it", and I 100% agree. This game's art is beautiful horrific

  16. "I lost my sanity in 2015, I haven't seen my sanity in a long time" was far too real

  17. This JR's game really made my brother shake and scared and then my brother got nightmares

  18. "THAT'S TO FAST ,THAT IS TO FAST ,I can't do anything bout that". markiplier 😃

  19. there’s a part of me that wants to fall asleep because of his voice but then again i’m watching him play fnaf jrs

  20. Love how during Mark's "brain explosion" about the lore, Lixian edited in a tiny clip of the Traveler from Destiny with a guardian's ship flying to it. Looked like maybe more of D1 style. Idk Destiny 1/2 is one of the gaming franchises I play the most, so I thought it was amusing that was added for some reason. (Also kinda tracks since there is A Lot of lore for the Destiny universe)

  21. Jeez that conveyor belt is really "mark slow" ey

  22. Well, now I know where the meme is from

  23. mark accidentally flicking down to put on the mask in fnaf2 instead of pressing space is just proof that fnaf had implanted in self into marks brain

  24. Allot to take in but beats custom night YOU ARE THE KING!!!

  25. I'm a year late but I am SO GLAD this game saw the potential that Mangle had in the original series and used it to its fullest. Mangle was my favorite character when I was younger and it always disappointed me to not see her story being utilized, but this singlehandedly covers all the criteria of me when I was younger and me now. Her design ad mechanics are unlike anything I've ever seen and for the first time in years, I'm actually scared of an animatronic. This goes for the rest of them too, but her appearance, functions, and introduction are all especially terrifying. I could not be more impressed.

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