Five Nights at Freddy's:Help Wanted (Non-VR) Full Playthrough Nights, Games, Endings and Extras(New) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s:Help Wanted (Non-VR) Full Playthrough Nights, Games, Endings and Extras(New)

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My full no commentary playthrough and walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted.
This playthrough is all nights in one take with zero deaths.
It also includes all endings and extras if the game has them.
This is meant to feel cinematic without the commentary and should feel like either a movie, or you actually being there.

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  1. 34:24
    Prepárate para morir
    Llegan las 6 am
    Entendible tenga un buen día.jpg

  2. ”Just touch the button to agree, and then we can jump into some harmless fun that can’t harm you at all in any harmful way”

    Is it just me or does something feel a little suspicious 🤨

  3. toy bo bon belike when he sees the cupcake running:UR CCUPCAKE IS A MONSTER throws chica plush at chica

  4. I tried playing the first game. I didn't get past 3 AM,and Bonnie got into the office and it was game over for me. and how are you playing that with out VR?

  5. huh…well see, I never liked FNAF to much due to it being jumpscare reliant, but the premise was great and there is a certain level of tension there I appriciated. ALL THAT is gone in this remake. Too easy to hear / see when they are coming and hide yourself, the atmos is ruined by it being to bright (the old picture reminded me of a dreary 90s back office too, great look which has now gone) and the audio mixing is TERRIBLE. All in all, remaking has ruined this.

  6. Phone guy: fazbears entertainment
    Caprions: July Asbury Cayman

  7. Is there any fnaf that this guy doesn't do well?

  8. Differences in Mobile Port Of Help Wanted
    The following is a list of missing game modes:

    FNAF 3 (VR) – All Nights

    Dark Rooms – Plushtrap, and Funtime Foxy levels

    Parts and Service (VR) – Chica level only

    Vent Repair – Ennard level only

    Night Terrors – Funtime Freddy, Nightmarionne, and Nightmare Fredbear levels

    A new minigame called Princess Quest is currently exclusive to the mobile port of the game. Occasionally, a grid pattern will appear on objects at the Prize Counter. To unlock Princess Quest (and all currently locked game modes), the player must zoom in on one of these glitching objects. Afterwards, the screen will fade to black and fade back in at the level select with everything unlocked and Princess Quest on the side monitor.


    The trailers were released early on Steel Wool Studios official YouTube channel on October 21, 2020.

    Due to the release of the trailer, this confused many people into why the game was nowhere to be found in the App Store and Google Play on the same day.

    Claims of updates and patches has already been announced.

    There seems to be a high chance if not already confirmed a Curse of Dreadbear DLC port as well so there is a possibility for a 2nd Exclusive mini-game that may continue the "plot" of Princess Quest or be something entirely different.

    It is unknown why some of the game modes are missing, this could have been intentional because of the limited mobile software or most likely that the rest of the gamemodes are going to be implemented in the future.



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    Also for some reason the Intro is absent in Mobile Help Wanted

  9. Imagine not being able to use your flashlight while holding the door close in nightmarionne’s level, that would be so hard! Oh wait, I forgot I had the switch version

  10. 1:23:00 what the fuck is that jumpscare? I slowed it down to .25 speed and still couldn't understand what was jumping out :/

    Edit: and what the fuck is the phantom Freddy jumpscare

  11. You know? How come no one asks this? Why is it that you've got limited power? Shouldn't the place be connected to a power generator? What happened that caused you to have limited power? Did the power plant get destroyed?

  12. I have fnaf 2 and 6 and the ultimite costum night and fnaf world

  13. how is it realistic in non vr while the vr graphics are trash

  14. 2:13:04 Did you have a gift for me?” Aggressively nods head “turns to look at them” aggressively shakes head no

  15. When baby appears in front of the closet the noise sounds like godzilla 🤣

  16. videogame vr fnaf help wanted 2019

  17. Please relpy to this question: how tf do you get 0 deaths

  18. It's just never as creepy to see them moving around. For me anyways. Although I do think it enhances FNAF 3 with Springtrap since he's just so creepy as is.

  19. 🤔💋Dropbox is a great way to create a ustisheieiwakriujad😄❤️

  20. sometimes i think you are like a ghost who is a pro like idk what to say in the comments in the videos now like u my friend you. are. a. GOD

  21. I love this so much. A really great gameplay

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