FIVE NIGHT'S AT FREDDY'S SURVIVAL! - Garry's Mod Sandbox Gameplay - FNAF Gmod Game Mode -

FIVE NIGHT’S AT FREDDY’S SURVIVAL! – Garry’s Mod Sandbox Gameplay – FNAF Gmod Game Mode

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FIVE NIGHT’S AT FREDDY’S SURVIVAL! – Garry’s Mod Sandbox Gameplay – FNAF Gmod Game Mode

Today is the FIVE NIGHT’S AT FREDDY’S SURVIVAL! We will have to survive against Freddy Fazbear at the Five Night’s At Freddy’s Pizzeria Map!

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About Garry’s Mod:
Garry’s Mod is a physics sandbox. There aren’t any predefined aims or goals. We give you the tools and leave you to play.

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  6. was golden freddy freadbear.? because he had purple hat and bow tye

  7. This map is really good they even include the shadow Freddy

  8. And play some more people playground but you could make a custom map somehow

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  15. i love all the videos keep it up my big brother loves your channel

  16. It's been so long since I've last seen your vids

  17. some of the oldest video of these 3 are the best 😀

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