Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location - Part 1 -

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Sister Location – Part 1

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Five Nights at Freddy’s has RETURNED with a brand new Sister Location and new friends to keep you company through the night!
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  1. 2nd time watching and _____ still makes me jump

  2. In only 1 months time this game will be 7 years old! Wow

  3. Me when I first played this- I love this game

  4. mark is scared. let’s make him happy with a controlled shock.

  5. When the TV turns off, I feel like I hear a Security Breach sound

  6. The random faces Mark makes during the video is hillarious.

  7. Now I know what game the song stay calm is from

  8. I think the YouTube people actually watched markipliers video and made the most accurate transcript

  9. i love this game please do more I ben playing this game like forever

  10. William Afton made all the FNAF animatronics to kill children

  11. 4:32 man his face got me rolling on the floor still 6 years later 😭

  12. The girl sounds like Peppa Pig, but that’s my opinion

  13. I love how Freddy actually sounds like a bear when he jumpscares you

  14. Controlled shocks save everything, now let’s see if we can make that true with a controlled shock.

  15. All the venting without one mention of amongus

  16. Real quick question, which of the graphic novels should I read first?

  17. "WHAT?! WHY AM I GONNA MAKE THEM MAD?!" I think this pretty much sums up Mark's life in FNaF.

  18. “My dad and grandma are fighting again”

    “Let’s see if we can break up that fight with a controlled shock”

  19. markiplier, man, you thought you were wrong bout mr afton but you were right as purple guy is william. but im pretty sure (i aint played SL in a while so i dont remember much lol) that its talking to the brother of the kid in fnaf 4 (michael afton). lol.

  20. Sr.Afton… William Afton(purple guy) 😏👌

  21. 15:29
    Commencing System Restart "power went Off"
    Markiplier "HOW 'BOUT NO?!?!"

  22. I wanna see what you guys think the most unscarred jump scare I’ll say the answer next time I make it to get to my 16th time

  23. The voice on the intercon is Circus baby but those are her I don't know regular babies I don't know robotic I don't know

  24. I love that every time I rewatch this series I see other people doing the same thing 😭

  25. idk if anyone will see this but anyone ever seen markiplier in FNAF the musical?

  26. 4:27
    What he's trying to say is,
    "Ballora bitch is trying to incourage kids not to be fat fucks"

  27. “It seems mark is having a panic attack, let’s encourage him with a uncontrollable shock”

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