Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 1 -

Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Breach: RUIN – Part 1

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The first official free roam Five Nights at Freddy’s game got it’s first DLC! Step back into the Pizzaplex and explore the Ruin we left behind.

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  1. I’m not a bit** right now but 🎉seriously that is goofy-looki g😮

  2. Moon:*demonic laughter*
    Mark:”Okayyyy! That’ll do it for this episode” HE FUCKING HATES MOON IM CRYING

  3. Who knew an ai could escape just because Gregory left behind his backpack. Gregory was the enemy the whole time for his forgetfulness

  4. It’s possible Markiplier is just being paranoid and lixian could have just edited in the shadow toy bonnie

  5. Moon literally scared Mark out of the game that was brilliant 😂😂

  6. Warning: Do NOT listen to this on full volume, with headphones if you want to keep your hearing.

  7. moon evil laughter mark ok that will do it for todays episode

  8. monty`s just a dog the jumpscare is him licking you

  9. Can’t believe this was only from 6 months ago

  10. Mark was in the game th moment before the moon laugh listen 😂

  11. 1:41 didn’t freddy say ‘ gregory r u there ‘ all the time

  12. Monty lost the points he won from last time just by the fact he thrown a child in the sewer dirty water.

  13. Bro casually got the 1 in 10 million shadow bonnie easter egg at the start And didnt, Even slightly care 😭😭😭

  14. Mark: (Hears Moon's creepy laugh) Nope! I'm out! Thanks for watching everyone.

  15. Moons laugh, and Mark just cutting the episode there is funny 🤣

  16. Mark really isn't a quitter, thats why he just got a new sub !

  17. 50:00 Phantom Mark: “Not like this! Not like this! Freddy!!!!!”

    I remember it, It happened on the stairs. Freddy abandoned him. Left him to die; to be killed by that accursed alligator.

  18. hey Mark. while you were walking to the daycare the high pitched screaming sounded like "Freddy you b*tch! FREDDY!

  19. Moon: creepy laughter

    Mark immediately after: Alright everybody that is it for today’s episode!

  20. Cool video and all . . . did Markiplier just say that he's running TWO 4090s?! As in, RTX 4090?! 07:43

  21. Completes the most basic, next-to-no effort puzzle ever: "I'm so smart"

  22. Shadow Bonnie he's the one that always comes back

  23. 16:23 I was listening in the background and I thought I heard the mask bot say "that's your problem" 💀

  24. No, not even i in a quadrillion that this was uploaded 7 fucking months ago.

  25. OKAY, this game is ACTUALLY making me somewhat uncomfortable. Echoing voices with the mask on, destroyed facility that was intact beforehand, the atmosphere is BONE-CHILLING compared to cartoonishness of base game

  26. can we just talk about how mark is basically just laughing at a disabled person (monty)

  27. 50:34 I like how mark here's the laughter and immediately ends the video

  28. The sound at 31:56 almost made me shit my pants because I was away from my phone and was closing my dogs doggie door and when I closed it that noise went off😂

  29. When Markiplier said “is that a flesh wall?” A kfc ad came on😭💀

  30. I got the game but didn’t see Anything after the Monty jumpscare in the sewers because when I get dropped out of the sewers it always whatever I do doesn’t give me a floor💀 so I just can’t play steelwools GIVE ME A FUCKING FLOOR

  31. 10:3310:45
    20:42 This is a really good point, actually.
    32:19 Oh, heyyy, it's the screams of the damned! 😀
    36:03 This is some cool music
    39:26 A big goofy what'd he say? /genq
    40:13 I actually SHUDDERED here!
    42:31 WHAT?! WHY!? XD
    47:14 "BANNED" Yeah, come to think of it, Fazbear Entertainment probably isn't the best company to be making sleep medication…

  32. I gotta say this game was much better than SB, it hurts me when Mark figured out the catch of the game so early tho 💀

  33. He hates moon man so much that he ended the episode right after he heard moon man’s laugh

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