Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach (FULL GAME) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (FULL GAME)

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Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach (FULL GAME) with PrestonPlayz 👊


Twelve AM: 12:46
Twelve Thirty AM: 18:06
Twelve Fifty Five AM: 23:28
One Fifteen AM: 27:12
One Thirty AM: 30:55
One Forty Five AM: 34:36
Two AM: 34:49
Three AM: 43:36
Three Fifteen AM: 47:43
Three Thirty AM: 50:32
Three Fifty Five AM: 53:31
Four AM: 53:57
Four Fifteen AM: 55:07
Five AM: 1:02:21
Five Fifteen AM: 1:04:54
Five Fifty Three AM: 1:17:55
Five Fifty Five AM: 1:18:34
Five Fifty Six AM: 1:18:49

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  1. sun starts acting weird
    Preston:This is my wife when she doesnt get starbucks

  2. Yo bro you got this you can’t beat the whole thing but I was the whole thing Markiplier

  3. Do you know who is Markiplier you’re right bro

  4. I played this and now I’m scared of teddy bears

  5. I'm a Evan I love you playing Minecraft with your wife

  6. When Preston says he can’t get scared 1 hour

  7. Hey Preston you should do a video of five nights at Freddy’s will you do everything but the wrong way like upside down like not how the game wants you to But your game might crash Oopsie not my problem if it does that’s my name is Haley

  8. this is my wife when she does not get starbucks (im dying)

  9. i just realized that with all this guchy (forgot how to spell) he can sell it all and be rich

  10. Preston when you saw vanny and told Freddy and Freddy said there is no rabbit at any he mega pizza plea not anymore he was talking about when Monty killed glamrock bonnie

  11. Your shirt I mean your hoodie is on fire😱

  12. Preston I’m talking about your hoodie it’s literally on fire like your Minecraft character a.k.a. skin

  13. Bro the daycare part monty chica and roxy came to him

  14. When Freddy said there’s not a bunny at the pizza Plex not anymore that’s because Bonnie used to be there but Vanessa went and seen and wanted to be the only bunny so she killed him

  15. This maze is amazing LOL sorry Preston I had to

  16. no hate but what makes me mad is hes scared of freddy

  17. I am watching to the end🧸🪅🔮🎀 Preston

  18. Preston your editor says you might have an illness because you jump so easily

  19. Monty killed glamrock Bonnie 😭😭😭😭😭

  20. Preston: " I'm breathing like I'm in labor right now "

  21. Preston: " I'm not sure if anyone is watching to this point " Preston, The video has 25M views

  22. I still am watching the video when u say I am a legend

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