Five Nights at Freddy's | Retrospective (FULL SERIES) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s | Retrospective (FULL SERIES)

Sagan Hawkes
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Ever feel like wasting four hours learning about every single Clickteam FNaF game? Well prepare to. It’s the FNaF Retrospective SUPERCUT!

Five Nights 1: (0:00)
Five Nights 2: (24:55)
Five Nights 3: (46:48)
Five Nights 4: (1:10:52)
FNaF World: (1:35:54)
FNaF SL: (2:08:37)
Pizza Sim: (2:36:13)
UCN: (3:13:53)
Ending: (3:52:08)


  1. I just got all these games for my PS4 awhile ago and… Oh boy, I sure hope they update 3-UCN for a controller cause some of this stuff looks like it will be BS dealing with it on the PS4

  2. cough where’s security breach was that not out yet?

  3. I do want to add something small, the audio cues of gameplay change so much throughout the series. The first three games are perfectly playable without the audio cues such as chica's pots and pans. Fnaf 4? Its impossible if you're hearing impaired or deaf. It relies so heavily on audio cues that it alienates a potential group of players. Mind you, I think the idea of listening for cues in 4 to be cool, but its something that would slip peoples' notice that it makes the game unplayable. At that point you're relying entirely on RNG without the cues.

  4. I love the little memes added in the video just see for your self but I really like this type of content and a fnaf version 👌🏻 sorry mom but this 3 hours are worth it lol

  5. fnaf 3 is where it jumped the shark

  6. Holy shit how long did this take you to edit it's very nicely done!

  7. I know this video is old but when you go back to the first Fnaf game when you know everything and when you have a complete timeline of what happened and what the story was about you realize that Scott was amazing and that this story he built was really scary the fact that dead kids inhabit and are trapped in these animatronics because of a man that lost his son because his other son took a prank too far this story of Fnaf is one of if not the best story ever told in gaming once you are able to figure out what really happened and there is no changing my mind or anyone else that thinks like me

  8. I think this retrospective and the help wanted + security breach are two of my favourite videos on YouTube. I’ve seen them so many times because of how informative, entertaining, well written, and well structured they are. Incredible job Sagan

  9. 10:41

    Damn… I was peacefully sleeping listening to music when i suddenly heared this scream at 3am..

    Scared the shit out of me it almost entered my dream

  10. I have been watching this 7 meals in a row

  11. "peanut head looking ass" best part of the whole video

  12. I love long form content like this, I usually will end up doing things like play games or something with vids like this in the background. This is honesty probably one of my fav vids on YouTube

  13. I think the reason why they want to stuff you in a suit is because the night guard always wears a purple suit and the guy that Stuffed them into a suit was wearing purple but you’re playing as the security guard so they think you’re the guy that stuff them in a suit

  14. I always thought withered Chica was a bit goofy lookin

  15. That freaking jumpscare got me during pizzeria sim


  17. I watched every video of Markiplier Playing FNAF since Day 1 i Love it 💯❤️ Also amazing years to watch it and more

  18. I just realized in fnaf 2 when phone says they tried putting newer technology in the withered animatronics was that meant to throw us off from the game being a prequel as it would explain the character model changes like Freddy’s head not being exactly like it was in fnaf 1

  19. i thought evan (the crying child) posessed the golden freddy

  20. I'm commenting early, but the detail of Chica having an empty and hollow moan/exhale when she's in your office is absolutely terrifying

  21. I love these longer videos. 💕 Well done sir. Thanks for not making this more confusing by doing this documentary in series.

  22. I LOVE the detail that sagan kept switching between him and her when talking about mangle in fnaf2

  23. As someone who will eat up anything I am given from a fandom, I do not really recognize when quality begins to decline so I watch these to understand others opinions since I personally like all the games. Thank you for this analysis!

  24. every day i watch one of mat pat's fnaf theory's i just think that Scot made the whole lore into a note book before they even released the game and split it out into 6 games now 7 i just feel that.

  25. I hate jumpscares, but I love hearing people talk about games centered around them to indirectly experience it

  26. I'll help you out for sister location after the ballora voice had been leaked Scott then proceeded to make an entire teaser about how it had gotten canceled due to leaks however when you brighten the image up that is when you see that it was actually stating in the story reasons that the sister location closed due to supposed gas leaks

  27. So uh, this is theorizing a tiny bit, and I know that Reddit is probably better for it, but…I don't feel like going to that subreddit right now. So, I realized something. We know Susie was Williams first victim, and he did it wearing his suit. So that begs the question…when he killed The Puppet, why wasn't he dressed up? Then I thought about the Fun-times, and how Baby's jaw things weren't necessarily meant for capture, and the purpose of the Fun-times as a whole, and I realized something. Maybe because of the books, we were all so convinced that William was trying to experiment on them like a mad scientist…when that isn't the case. People eventually caught on to his killings, but why would it point to him? Children. Children kept seeing him, one of whom was Henry's daughter. He made the Funtimes to find these children and take them away so he couldn't be convicted, but then Elizabeth dies, perhaps instead of Henry's daughter, and the place is investigated, so William decides to take care of the issue himself, maybe even because she would know about the purpose of them since William and Henry would still be in buisness at the time

  28. Dang FNAF 3 was released 1 day after my brithday

  29. I genuinely think this is the best YouTube video ever made

  30. You see my only problem with this guy is that he doesnt have more subs. The amount of work that went into this video is crazy props brotha

  31. fell asleap watching youtube, i had some dream about my friend and the he just looked at me, and started explaneing the lore of fnaf sl, woke up out of fear becuse half of his words wernt lined up with how his mouth was moveing i am now scared of fnaf sl, and my friend.

  32. People in 2014: "Omg what's mangle's gender???"
    Sagan: "fuck you im using both"

  33. Henry's ending monolog at the end of fnaf 6 is a damn good one and it's in my opinion among some of the best. It's a shame William afton kept coming back after it though. It's just one of those things you shouldn't have been able to come back from

  34. as far as i know, the most widely accepted timing of the fnaf 4 bite is 1983. in sister location, in the ending where you go to the private room, if you enter the year 1983 on the keypad, it shows the house from fnaf 4. also, the phone guy mentions that the bite victim from 1987 did actually survive the bite, while the child presumably died at the end of fnaf 4, because of the flatline.

  35. At 1:01:05 his face turns into a skull or some Jumpscare just wanted to say this incase anyone missed it

  36. Everything after 3 started getting dumb. For me the finale with Springtrap is where it ended

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