Five Nights at Freddy's | Retrospective (FULL SERIES) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s | Retrospective (FULL SERIES)

Sagan Hawkes
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Ever feel like wasting four hours learning about every single Clickteam FNaF game? Well prepare to. It’s the FNaF Retrospective SUPERCUT!

Five Nights 1: (0:00)
Five Nights 2: (24:55)
Five Nights 3: (46:48)
Five Nights 4: (1:10:52)
FNaF World: (1:35:54)
FNaF SL: (2:08:37)
Pizza Sim: (2:36:13)
UCN: (3:13:53)
Ending: (3:52:08)


  1. My favorite was Die in a Fire. Mostly because it makes a good general rage song to vent your anger and has little reference to the FNAF series makes it easier for a vent song. But I understand why that could be a negative to most


  3. I woke up in the middle of the night, just my red LED's on with this running.

    I was drunk as shit and didn't know where the fuck I was and then you talk about how the music is actually someone's scream? Hell nah I was freaked the fuck out, had a full blown panic attack. I drank so much I didn't really have any control over my body or maybe I was still half asleep, just laying there and listening.

    I passed out again so thanks for making me get some much needed rest lol

  4. Just wanna add – the music tracks for Ultimate Custom Night kick ass
    They would be terrifying in a context of an actual scary game, if it weren't for the silly sounds, voice lines and visuals. I just listen to the soundtrack sometimes casually and I have to give it props.

  5. 50:35 sir scott full on said it was a planned countdown that got cancelled

  6. I've never played a single fnaf game in my life and I watched this video to the end. I never found these games scary and I took it as just kids overreacting to jumpscares that made them so popular, but lately I've been interested in the first game. I think the atmosphere is genuinely good, despite of the lame jumpscares. I was surprised when you said you found the newer games more difficult, because I thought they kinda killed the biggest scare – the fear of your energy running out. Interesting.

  7. Honest question, if I were to buy only one of these games, which would be the best just based on gameplay and difficulty? Story and the mini games don’t matter.

  8. Blacklist ending in pizza sim is actually obtained from having a total risk rating of 50 or higher

  9. I have the exact same hoodie you have in the intro lol

  10. I gotta how how Sagan uses he/her pronouns for mangle

  11. I did not know people found W. Bonnie scary. As a 7 year old I would INTENTIONALLY die by W. Bonnie because he was my favorite. It did not matter how far in I was. 5am? Don't care. If he's in my office I would not put on he mask.

  12. I like that you flip flop between using he and she with characters like mangle. That's exactly what they do in the guidebook and survival guide, as well as the games

  13. why is "they gave the chicken tiddy's" the most replayed

  14. funny how markipliers video had 87 MILLION views

  15. 3:46:17 I'd say it basically means that as long as they never leave Afton alone, their souls will never rest in peace, always trying to make their murderer suffer, hence the eternal twitching and fading to nothing, a bad ending

  16. I fell asleep with YouTube playing, it moved from redit story’s to this… this explains the FNAF nightmares

  17. I believe there are two bites. One bite of 83 where Evan was pushed into the jaws of fredbear and then was killed and the bite of 87 where the night security guard was switched to a day shift and then was attack and his frontal lobe was removed.

  18. Does anyone remember the hoax in FNAF1 where if you shut the doors at *just the right time*, you could decapitate Foxy?

  19. i did a research project back in may of this year for my ela class and this vid is where i got most of the info from. thanks sagan! great vid btw

  20. on the note of music – labrynth (cg5) is a BANGER

  21. Fun fact: the puppet is the one who shoves the corpses into the suits(evident by the give gifts, give life mini game) they come after you because your most likely Mike afton who looks eerily similar to purple guy because he literally becomes purple because of ennard. That’s why they come after you, that’s why you’re put into a suit and that’s why it sometimes says it’s me because golden freddy recognises Mike since one of the 2 spirits inside golden frdddy is his younger brother crying child

  22. Fun fact: the way you actually get blacklisted in FFPS is by getting 50 liability by the end

  23. I love the fact that he used both he and she for the mangled because there is a huge debate still going on whether they are a boy or a girl.

  24. Idk why but I see nightmare chica throwing the cupcake in through the door like a fucking grenade

  25. you gotta give Scott some credit for taking a negative review basically saying "Ayo dude your art's shit and looks like these stupid robots" and him going "Ok. They look like creepy robots? Then let's do that and make a horror franchise!"

  26. dies in this was in 2021 and now there is security breach

  27. Fun fact! (I found this out myself) if you press X on the Nintendo switch (perhaps other consoles too, I wouldn’t know) it also makes the squeaking noise in FNaF 1

  28. is it me or the hill at fnaf 6's ending is look like the hill in fnaf sb that freddy and gregory sits

  29. I miss the thrill of playing fnaf and the fun of watching fnaf youtube videos and songs. I really want to go back to those days of late 2014/ early 2015. Those were the golden days of fnaf.

    I first got into fnaf in late 2014 when I started middle school and I started to hang out with a group of kids who were playing fnaf tag on the playground, where some of us were chosen as the “night guards” and tried not to get caught by the other kids who were the “animatronics”. After that, we got into a huge fnaf phase where were we consumed everything fnaf-related. I still got a chica plushie I bought when I was 11 or 12, i’m now 18 but I really miss those days. I never got to see those friends again, nowadays im just chillin by myself hoping to find a friend with similar interests to me

  30. 𝘱𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘰𝘴𝘰𝘱𝘩𝘦𝘳'𝘴 𝘰𝘶𝘵𝘭𝘦𝘵 says:

    dude i just found your channel and omg your videos are so detailed and so high quality its INSANE

  31. If you see him in the hallway, if you see her in the office, you get a golden star from the mangle fans ⭐

  32. 36:10 I feel you on that that THING is the whole reason I didn't get into FNAF till I was 15

  33. At 1:01:00 watch and you will see Sagan's face become Springtrap's for a frame

  34. This series is just a jumbled mess of nonsense. The creator just sat in his ass reading fan theories and cherry picked shit as he went.

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