Five Nights at Freddy's Plus - Steam Wishlist Trailer -

Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus – Steam Wishlist Trailer

Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus
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  1. I was hopping for a screamer at the end but i'm pleased


    Edit : never mind I found him 😂

  3. i hope this game recreates the lore in some way

  4. That copyright at the end is interesting. We knew Scott was involved in this project in some way but the fact that he renewed his copyright for it this year is another. Specifically because he said he was done with FNAF mid last year. Perhaps he meant more he was done being open about FNAF? Maybe he wants to keep his work on the franchise a little more private now?

  5. This is probably gonna drown in the sea of other comments saying the same thing, but I'll write it anyway.

    FNAF has changed. The game series has been meme'd to death, and the fandom has gained a not so positive reputation. Even when it comes to the actual games or lore, everything's been turned into a massively complex fantasy / comedy story, but with a couple of jumpscares mixed in between. If you ask me, the creepiness started to majorly decline after the 4th game. The designs have been changed from an uncanny valley look, into a shiny and colorful cast of rockstar animatronics. The series that started as a horror parody of Chuck E Cheese has turned into a squeaky clean family friendly version of the very same thing it was parodying.

    Like most people, I had a major FNAF phase when I was younger, but eventually grew out of it. I still watch the occasional GT episode, just to laugh at MatPat trying to explain complicated mess that is the "main plot". But I stopped being a fan a long while ago. It all just became…too much, y'know?

    Then, there were a few things that helped reignite my love for FNAF's type of horror. The VHS tapes, and the fan games (TJOC, One Night at Flumpty's and Porkchop's Adventure, to mention a few). But then, I see the trailer for this game. I watch the VHS tapes, and it's like I fell in love with this series again.

    Even after all this time, the original FNAF was a great game. Is it too repetitive? Yeah. Is it not that graphically impressive? No it isn't. Is it very simplistic? Absolutely. But that was part of its charm. How uncanny and "rough" the animatronics looked, with the very underappreciated but vital sound design made it so much more memorable. While you barely saw all of it through the cameras, the sound design made it seem like the pizzeria was its own character. The color design and atmosphere gave you that nostalgic feeling of being a little kid and having your favorite food at your favorite restaurant, and used with the sound design, it made you feel like there was something wrong with this place that you once felt safe in and familiar with.

    Everybody knows H.P Lovecraft's quote, "The strongest type of human emotion is fear, and the strongest type of fear is fear of the unknown". But I'd like to add a quote I thought of (and hopefully didn't unintentionally steal from somebody much more talented than me lmao). "The simpler it is, the scarier it can be." Like with FNAF, it was a simple game with a simple premise. Stop the animatronics from stuffing you into a suit, and don't waste your power. The horror came from the fact that you don't know why these animatronics are so murderous, why they started to glitch and get more agitated at around night 4, and how these "5 dead children" relate to the whole thing. You were in completely new type horror territory.

    Of course, we understood more about the game's mechanics, and the reputation and jokes of the series made it not scary to most people. But this game's made me realize what I loved so much about FNAF. How its simplicity was the reason why it was scary. I'm super excited for this game, and I can't wait to re-experience the horror I felt for the very first time when I was 11.

  6. if my pc is going to run it what a fucking luck🥺🥺😘

  7. Прошло 2 и более года, а игра выходит даже не в этом году. Чел словил звезду и делает игру в минимальном темпе, бухая на стримах каждый день, когда сам же хочет ливнуть из фнаф комьюнити. Это конечно не мне решать чем заниматься человеку и я не знаю насколько это тяжело, но думаю тут и так понятно, что это какое-то равнодушие по отношению к людям, ибо настолько затягивать разработку игры, учитывая ее характеристики и движок…

  8. please don't criticize me but i didn't like the new models i thought they were a bit too ugly like when i think about fnaf 1 i think about those other animatronics got it well and just my opnion you have yours ok bye!

  9. I used ro think these were the creepiest looking things, then Jr.’s came out and i was wrong

  10. pretty shit designs and its literally just the same game over again in HD. benningtons fnaf designs are actually horrifying

  11. Me explica isso Tati por que quando lançou o five nights at freddy's security print agora tem os five nights normal no primeiro show porque tem Freddy normal o Boni normal a tica normal com certeza o Fox deve estar diferente

  12. Just hope this game isn't gonna be like security breach which had cool stuff in the trailers but wasn't like everybodies expectations

  13. Gotta be honest, the new designs of Bonnie and Freddy are amazing! Chica and cupcake man in the other side seem a little bit too off. Chicas face just seem like an deformed cupcake, and cupcake man… is just bad.
    Edit: Just saw how Foxy looks like and he seems amazing.
    I wonder if they'll add golden Freddy?

  14. i bet in this universe its chica who did the bite of 87. it would explain her beak being so broken

  15. Because I love this trailer, it's so simple and perfect. It makes me feel better every time I see and hear it.
    If the future FNAF movie is half as good as this trailer I'll be calm.

  16. im hopping for it to be on mac

  17. This looks a lot more terrifying than anything we've gotten recently. Good job! 👏

  18. I was scared of FNaF as a child. But this shot TERRIFIES ME as a teen, I can't sleep bro, good job.

  19. Why the hell that freddy look like fat as fu

  20. Muy bien hecho para alguien de latino america

  21. They all look creepy, but Bonnie looks like nightmare fuel

  22. i know we haven’t given you information about the game for over a year, heres a trailer of nothing new make sure to wishlist guys!!!

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