Five Nights at Freddy's: HELP WANTED | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary -

Five Nights at Freddy’s: HELP WANTED | Full Game Walkthrough | No Commentary

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After the success of my Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach videos it was but a logical step to assume that many viewers wanted to see more FNaF content. According to many the game Help Wanted was one of the best entries since it was a collection of minigames based on the first four games and then some. Playing this game is a great introduction for newcomers and fans alike since there is a lot of fan service, but also a great buildup to (re)introduce all the beloved animatronics and characters. The gameplay of previous FNaF entries is kept in tact and tweaked a bit, but it’s definitely glorious to see all the environments in proper 3D. Probably the only frustrating part in the game is the Plushbaby minigame which is very annoying, but other than that it’s not that difficult. I had a great time with this game and would definitely want to revisit it someday in VR.

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  1. İn my opinion, Help Wanted is the most enjoyable Fnaf game

  2. im curious abou what happens when u throw something at someone

  3. hurhurhurhurhurhurhurhurhurhuuuuuurhurhurhurhurhurhurhurhur

  4. THANK YOU I NEEDED THAT LINE “welcome to the Freddy fazbears virtual experience” AAAA IVE BEEN LOOKING FOREVER THANK U IM SUBBING

  5. If your playing fnaf hw on moible and fnaf 3 is there I don’t have it

  6. The game: great job Plushtrap: you do not complete this level gets jump scared in the claim your prize area HOW????😂

  7. Anyone able to tell me the correct times to close the doors so I don’t have to close it when they’re at the corners?

  8. And dond forghet no jumscare pls i dont what to shiit my ass

  9. What a change of experience a change of graphics can do, this actually makes the game terrifying, before the jumpscares were the only thing making the original scary, now its the experience thats terrifying, HOLY SHIT.

  10. It’s much scarier on oculus but you can get used to it Jk Jk

  11. Watch Toyless Gregory being a bad boy for 8 seconds

  12. 1:25
    "And then we can jump right into some harmless fun, that can't harm you at all in any harmful way"

    sounds legit.

  13. Jump scare times, for those who need to know when: (plus comments are good for the algorithm!)

    FNAF 1:
    12:57 – Foxy

    FNAF 3: (All Phantom jump scares are non-fatal!)
    1:02:54 – Phantom BB
    1:04:01 – Phantom Balloon Boy
    1:04:59 – Phantom BB
    1:06:58 – Phantom BB
    1:07:48 – Phantom BB
    1:07:51 – Phantom Foxy (He replaced Phantom Chica)
    1:08:03 – Phantom Mangle
    1:08:38 – Phantom BB
    1:09:06 – Phantom BB
    1:09:29 – Phantom Mangle
    1:10:00 – Phantom BB
    1:10:32 – Phantom BB (I forgot how much I disliked this game in contrast to the others in the series lmao)
    1:11:01 – Phantom Mangle
    1:13:21 – Phantom BB (at this point he's becoming the Phantom Menace)
    1:13:41 – Phantom Mangle
    1:13:56 – Phantom BB
    1:15:02 – Phantom Mangle
    1:15:12 – Phantom BB
    1:15:31 – Phantom BB
    1:16:01 – Phantom BB (Soos, would it be wrong to punch a child?)
    1:16:14 – Phantom Mangle
    1:16:30 – Phantom BB
    1:16:56 – Phantom BB

    Dark Rooms:
    1:19:37 – Plushtrap
    1:24:26 – Plushbaby
    1:26:55 – Plushbaby
    1:31:29 – Funtime Foxy

    Parts & Services:
    1:45:33 – Foxy
    (Side note: the frustration at not being able to pick up the fuse at 1:47:26 lol)

    Vent Repair:
    1:54:29 – Ennard (Scripted jump scare, non-fatal)

    Night Terrors:
    2:00:20 – Funtime Freddy
    2:00:39 – Bon Bon (Bon Bon's jump scares are non-fatal)
    2:02:19 – Bon Bon
    2:08:37 – Circus Baby


    FNAF 3: (Here we go again…)
    2:34:54 – Phantom BB
    2:35:10 – Phantom BB
    2:35:25 – Phantom BB
    2:35:38 – Phantom Mangle
    2:35:42 – Phantom BB
    2:36:34 – Phantom Mangle
    2:37:29 – Phantom Mangle
    2:37:35 – Phantom BB
    2:38:13 – Phantom BB
    2:38:29 – Phantom Mangle
    2:39:14 – Phantom Mangle
    2:39:57 – Plushtrap (Gift, non-fatal)

    Dark Rooms:
    2:41:56 – Plushtrap (Gift, non-fatal)
    2:44:43 – Plushbaby
    2:46:43 – Plushbaby
    2:51:14 – Lolbit
    2:51:55 – Lolbit

    Vent Repairs:
    3:06:37 – Mangle
    3:11:13 – Ennard (Scripted jump scare, non-fatal)
    3:14:53 – Ennard (Scripted jump scare, non-fatal)

    Hopefully I didn't miss any lol

  14. Why is there an option to eat the figurines…?

  15. FNAF 1

    3:09 Night 1

    9:08 Night 2

    13:14 Night 2 Second Attempt

    19:29 Night 3

    26:04 Night 4

    FNAF 2

    32:18 Night 1

    38:17 Night 2

    44:16 Night 3

    50:11 Night 4

    FNAF 3

    56:31 Night 1

    1:00:42 Night 2

    1:06:21 Night 3

    1:12:20 Night 4

    Dark Rooms

    1:18:04 Plushtrap

    1:19:53 Plushtrap Attempt 2

    1:21:36 Nightmare Balloon Boy

    1:23:33 Plushbaby

    1:24:40 Plushbaby Attempt 2

    1:27:07 Plushbaby Attempt 3

    1:31:00 Funtime Foxy

    1:31:40 Funtime Foxy Attempt 2

    Parts & Services

    1:35:50 Bonnie

    1:38:33 Chica

    1:41:32 Freddy

    1:44:14 Foxy

    1:45:45 Foxy Attempt 2

    Vent Repair

    1:48:54 Mangle

    1:52:15 Ennard

    Night Terrors

    1:59:13 Funtime Freddy

    2:00:32 Funtime Freddy Attempt 2

    2:04:12 Nightmarionne

    2:08:23 Circus Baby

    2:08:48 Circus Baby Attempt 2

    2:12:10 Nightmare Fredbear

    Glitch Mode

    2:16:08 FNAF 1

    2:22:42 FNAF 2 Night 1

    2:28:34 FNAF 2 Night 2

    2:34:40 FNAF 3

  16. “the animatronics here do get a bit quirky at night”

  17. Imagine you get so focused on protecting yourself and it hits 6 you jump a little

  18. Man. I can tell the left door is extremely tricky. Mainly the fact that Bonnie always deems it necessary, for him to stand in what I call the "absolute blind spot". Yep, right in front of the door. Just enough so when he's there, you can't see him on camera, OR with the door light! You always have to risk getting jumpscared by him, to see if he truly is still there or not. Sheesh! And I thought Foxy was annoying, with how uncannily fast he is. Doesn't help that in one of the later FNAF games, the Fazbear head doesn't work on him. For everyone's information: I only know this because I read the "unofficial guide book" to the games. I don't actually play the games myself. Sorry. I'm more willing to see someone else get potentially jumpscared, than me. Especially when some jumpscares can be, as the book quoted, "loud enough to send you and your keyboard flying"! Or at least I read that somewhere in the beginning of the book.

    Also, what game system do you use in this video, that you can not only choose which FNAF night to play (if unlocked), but also which FNAF game? I thought this was the actual FNAF help wanted game playthrough

  19. 1:54:30 your reaction was quite cute in that scary position.Keep doing good contents, i like it:))

  20. 7:03 my heart stopped beating for a few seconds after seeing bonnie

  21. Chuck cheese could made the glitch trap virus

  22. "No Commentary" this, just this, you earned my thumb up. Hate those "funny" guys who WON'T STOP making "cunning" comments and stupidity

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