Five Nights at Freddy's Full playthrough Nights 1-6 All nights + No Deaths (No Commentary) (OLD) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s Full playthrough Nights 1-6 All nights + No Deaths (No Commentary) (OLD)

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My full no commentary playthrough and walkthrough of Five Nights at Freddy’s.
This playthrough is all nights in one take with zero deaths.
It also includes all endings and extras if the game has them.
This is meant to feel cinematic without the commentary and should feel like either a movie, or you actually being there.

Link to game

Five nights at Freddy’s 1:

Five nights at Freddy’s 2:

Five nights at Freddy’s 3:

Five nights at Freddy’s playlist:


  1. Night 1: Chica & Bonnie Active
    Night 2: Foxy Active
    Night 3: Freddy Active

  2. No one is talking about the death of the phone guy?

  3. Night 4 is sad with phone guy 29:10

    Phone guy may you rest in peace rip

  4. Fnaf 1 6 am win in so freddy come for you in you loser

  5. Back in da day when this game was my life. I would secretly download this on my grandmas computer and watch gameplay of this. Still to this day my parents hate it!

  6. I don´t get that game at all, what are you suppose to do ?
    Just watched the new movie trailer and went back to the origin, I never understood what it is all about.

  7. I know there is "no death" in the title but I was stressing so so much at the end of night 2, what kind of luck is that ?

  8. Habra una pelicula de five nights at Freddy en octubre

  9. I know that the robots are dead childrens but they kills all the nightguards if they gets cauht

  10. Games perfect five Nights at freddy's beautiful pinguim

  11. I'm going to become a security guard irl. Wish me luck folks.

  12. I felt more calm with this gameplay, bc getting jumpscared when i dont expect it really scares me

  13. (Well Actually if your an old fan it will give you nostalgia maybe)

  14. Even though I know that this is a no deaths run, my heartbeat is still very high because I feel the title is lying. XD

  15. That small fkn desk fan ain't gonna dry this night watchman's sweat and tears 😂

  16. I forgot that, was FNAF a slide show game?

  17. Fun fact : foxy is a pirate but hes poor

  18. I watched it till the end……………….. 😂

  19. This video sux. Why u keep flipn the camera so fast dude

  20. i love that the most viewed moments are the freddy's jingle and the death of phone guy

  21. I like how Chica is right next at the door but you still can't see her at light

  22. It is so sad that phone guy is d3ied😢

  23. When i first played it, it was so funny how u figured out how the guy lied to u and didnt tell u tht they kill u

  24. The animatronics do get a bit quirky at night

    Phone man

  25. i like how bonnie is the only one who camed for 2 times and is the only one who is leaving the door quickly

  26. Freddy be like : hehe buoi *playing da music *06:00 pm
    Freddy wth

  27. Yo like anyone gonna talk about that how many rare screens the guy had like the its me stuff and poster if freddy freddy taking of his head and bonnie lookinng at the camera in the parts and service roon like im just talkinng about the fnaf 1 check closely in the other fnaf stuff

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