Five Nights at Freddy's FNAF HEIGHT COMPARISON #shorts -

Five Nights at Freddy’s FNAF HEIGHT COMPARISON #shorts

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  1. Realidad: los animatronicos llegan a ser asta mas grandes que la roca el solo lo hace por broma

  2. In fnaf 2 when withered chica shows up in front of your desc she literally looks 10 feet tall

  3. Nightmare Fredbear is actually 3.81 meters 💀💀

  4. Nope the height of nightmare fredbear is calculated to be 9-12 feet

  5. Cicrus Baby-220
    Nightmare foxy-271
    Nightmare Fredbear-278

  6. Nightmare, Fred bear is like 13 feet I commented on this video two years ago, apparently without realizing it, and recently found out how tall nightmare, Fred bear actually is

  7. RIP for the people who go by feet instead of centimeters 😅

  8. Circus baby: huh? What I miss?

  9. the withereds are like 7'5 upto 8 feet

  10. Чувааак ты русский? Раз на табличке русскими буквами написано «выход»

  11. Табличка выход ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Yao Ming confused what the heck is going on here?

  13. Freddy de antes del inicio es más grande que un

  14. El Freddy del inicio es más grande que un árbol

  15. Puppet bana göre bu kadar kısa değil

  16. Dreadbear measures approximately "558.33" meters

  17. Pupet mide dos metros y noventa centímetros

  18. Oh yeah, just telling you the nightmares are taller than you would think, same with the withereds because judging off of the Fnaf four game, he is around 12 foot tall judging off of how the fact that he is far down the hallway and he’s still bigger than the door. Also, all of the wizards are around 8 foot so yeah.

  19. These are incorrect, I have estimated every single fnaf animatronic by using pixel mesurements and object comparisons:
    Dreadbear: 302.514 cm
    Nightmare FB: 227.584 cm
    Freddy Fazbear: 192.278 cm
    Withered Chica: 203.962 cm
    Puppet: 206.756 cm
    Funtime Chica: 182.372 cm

  20. この人が一緒にいてくれたらすごく安心できる😊

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