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Five Nights at Freddy’s Flash Games

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I decided to serch the internet for some more Five Nights at Freddy’s games and actually found something.

The Game► |

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Foxy in the thumbnail was drawn by rasen-shuriiken from deviantart –

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Outro song: The road to l dorado remix – The Living Tombstone


  1. doo Five Nights at Freddy's Flash Games  part 2
    plz plz plz plz plz plzz plz plz plz plz plz plz PLZ PLZPLZPLZPLZPLPZ

  2. ummm i played the game and it let me open and close the doors XD
    and it wasnt troll jumpscare i got bonnie

  3. Please play my game Five trolls at freddy,s at scratch!
    My profile name is Haukemann1.
    I am also gonna make Five nights at chica,s! Freddy is gone in the game but the pupper takes the place and also BB……..
    Well in FTAF(Five trolls at freddy,s) have some weird changes and it,s bonnie, foxy, chica and freddy.
    Freddy is Fred from that nickeloden show called fred!
    Foxy is Sanic!
    Bonnie is bonzi/derpy bonnie!
    Chica is Chika! The text on chica will change to some funny stuff!
    The red camera thing is link from cd-i.
    And i think you will hate the rest rooms.
    The phone calls is weird!
    And i want you to hear the 5th call!
    The newspaper is funny!
    The main meny is funny!
    The children say YAY is funny!
    The game is funny!
    Fgjjwkejieoeudjis funny!
    Ghhigkpdkdleåwij36gdjis funny!
    Gdjsuwituis funny!
    But please play FIVE TROLLS AT FREDDYS!

  4. The jumps are should happen and the door should open and close I played it

  5. naaaa copy rite naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  6. Were you playing games on Scratch? Because the first game talks about remixing and that's what you can do on Scratch. But, if you were playing games on Scratch I think you should play Five Nights At Pico's. It's a really good game.

  7. +RiskRim Thanks for putting me in your thumbnail! ;D

  8. golden freddy was laughing so was i bonnie is not scarey in this but  good job

  9. I kinda don't like it because I like love foxy and that's huurtfull

  10. jump scare made me laugh so hard XD you freaked out

  11. jump scare made me laugh so hard XD you freaked out

  12. they arent flash games, because they arent made with flash, they are made with scratch

  13. wut, the fnaf song isnt copyrighted, how can you copyright a fan song???

  14. Hey i made a game called One Nights at Ben10fan900's could you plz look it up and play it?

  15. Do A Part 2 And In It Play:
    A Wicked Doll 5 (my game)
    A Cool Exit:The Forgotten Origin & One Night at Pizza Plaza

  16. in real life im fast like foxy im serois

  17. i played the forst game, and yes, there IS a jumpscare! you have to roll it over, not click.

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