Five Nights at Freddy's ALL sounds in game -

Five Nights at Freddy’s ALL sounds in game

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Every sound that is found in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Time stamps down below.

Download these sounds (and textures if you wish) Here –

0:01 – Sitting Idle ambiance
1:00 – Door lights buzzing
1:18 – Mointer pulled up
1:23 – 6am
1:40 – Mascot tune
2:02 – Ambiance (When animatronics are active)
3:58 – Cameras glitching
4:05 – Children cheering
4:10 – Title screen music
5:12 – Footstep sounds
5:19 – Knock Knock
5:26 – Ambiance (2)
7:20 – Buttons not working sound
7:22 – Camera glitching (2)
7:30 – Foxy knocking at the door
7:39 – Golden Freddy activated
7:41 – Freddy’s laugh
8:00 – Cameras panning
8:19 – Freddy’s tune
9:18 – Chica in the kitchen
9:46 – Honk
9:47 – Da da dum dum da dum diddly doo
9:56 – Power runs out
10:15 – ITS ME
10:32 – Foxy sprinting
10:36 – Door closing sound
10:38 – Game over static
11:23 – Bonnie and Chica groaning
11:40 – Night one call
15:04 – Night two call
16:48 – Night three call
18:05 – Night four call
19:06 – Night five call
19:46 – Someone is outside your door
19:49 – Animatronic scream (Warning, Its really loud, Turn down your volume)
19:55 – Golden Freddy scream


  1. Personally I believe that FNAF 1 is the most unsettling/disturbing of them all. I don't know what it is about it but even after 8 years it's the scariest to me.

  2. 5:27 this sound effect is actually stock sound effects which is used in manhunt 2 in the stage "the pervs" when danny is about to enter the government building built as a strip club to lure dudes into it

  3. Nurse: it will only hurt a little bit"the child in the next room": 19:56

  4. 5:26 Monty: Hey Freddy! Welcome from the show!
    Freddy: I want you
    Monty: …🤨

  5. i think the groans that chica and bonnie make are supposed to be their lungs releasing air, dead bodies can release air from their lungs, creepy fact.

  6. 5:27 is got to be one of the most terrifying soundtracks ever, it’s so ominous.

  7. 8:18 I believe Glitchtrap installed this on Freddy after the the kid was stuffed there is no way this was Freddy's actual tune

  8. Night four is creepy at the end he say “oh no”

  9. i know this video is completely free of jumpscares but hearing freddys tune still makes me scared for my life

  10. #NewViewer BTW💙💚❤️🖤from🇨🇦😎I’m new to this game series!😂
    7:38 Why does the animatronic sound like a kid’s laughter is evil or something???

  11. 19:27 Did anyone else turn on captions to read what the 5th night call was saying!……

  12. 9:57
    POV: realizing you left your phone at home when ur in public

  13. ꧁☾︎•𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕒•☽︎꧂ says:

    My nightmares:

  14. ꧁☾︎•𝕃𝕒𝕦𝕣𝕒•☽︎꧂ says:

    Tbh. I prefer ambiance 2 when the robots/aminitronics are getting closer it sounds so nice…. (。>‿‿<。 )

  15. there is something really odd about hering ambience 2

  16. 9:47 spent a good 20 minutes trying to find out if this song (from my memory) was from fnaf or the principle in baldis basics

  17. Who’s hear in 2021 almost 2022 for nostalgia?

  18. Ok but imagine being being the phone guy (night 4) it’s honestly terrifying being in his hands
    Trying to record his last message to you
    And at the end..he’s dead
    It’s honestly really scary seeing animatronics target at you and stuff you in a fazbear suit

  19. Damn, it's almost 2022 and I'm still creeped out by chica's moan

  20. Hearing 19:46 for the first time had my life flashing for a second, the beginning days of fnaf were frightening when you had no idea what was going on or why it was happening

  21. The Golden Freddy scream its the scariest sound i've ever heard in a videogame

  22. security breach doesn’t feel the same and i just don’t get the same fnaf scary vibe that games made by scott gives

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