Five Nights at Freddy's ALL sounds in game -

Five Nights at Freddy’s ALL sounds in game

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Every sound that is found in Five Nights at Freddy’s. Time stamps down below.

Download these sounds (and textures if you wish) Here –

0:01 – Sitting Idle ambiance
1:00 – Door lights buzzing
1:18 – Mointer pulled up
1:23 – 6am
1:40 – Mascot tune
2:02 – Ambiance (When animatronics are active)
3:58 – Cameras glitching
4:05 – Children cheering
4:10 – Title screen music
5:12 – Footstep sounds
5:19 – Knock Knock
5:26 – Ambiance (2)
7:20 – Buttons not working sound
7:22 – Camera glitching (2)
7:30 – Foxy knocking at the door
7:39 – Golden Freddy activated
7:41 – Freddy’s laugh
8:00 – Cameras panning
8:19 – Freddy’s tune
9:18 – Chica in the kitchen
9:46 – Honk
9:47 – Da da dum dum da dum diddly doo
9:56 – Power runs out
10:15 – ITS ME
10:32 – Foxy sprinting
10:36 – Door closing sound
10:38 – Game over static
11:23 – Bonnie and Chica groaning
11:40 – Night one call
15:04 – Night two call
16:48 – Night three call
18:05 – Night four call
19:06 – Night five call
19:46 – Someone is outside your door
19:49 – Animatronic scream (Warning, Its really loud, Turn down your volume)
19:55 – Golden Freddy scream


  1. 1:40

    God this sounds creepy and no one is talking about it. It sounds like it's supposed to be cheery, but it seems to fast and it sounds like it's overlapping onto itself. It sounds broken.

  2. Winter coldness hits me hard
    Me: knocking on my locked door to come in 7:35

  3. When I see the last hider playing hide n seek in the dark with a flashlight. 8:19

  4. 9:18 what my parents hear when I'm making a sandvich at 3AM19:56 when I don't turn off the microwave in time

  5. The "da-da-dum-dum-da-dum-diddly-doo" is foxy singing, it hapens when foxy is about to move, it also sometimes hapens when he enters his pirate cove (it hapend to me) so yea

  6. I'm trying to find the chicken noise that echoes..

  7. Teacher: What is 999×331= ?
    Me: WTF
    Student: Did you just swear
    Also Student: 19:50

  8. 19:47 if you use headphones, you will notice that at the end of the audio there is a laugh….

  9. I think 9:50 is just the night guard singing or it's Freddy doing that while walking

  10. That sound called (Da-da-dum-dum) is foxy singing but idk where and how it activates.

  11. 11:23 so on that part. It kinda sounds like they are trying to breathe in the suits

  12. 9:52, that’s actually foxy singing, you can tell it’s him because the theme is the loudest in pirate cove

  13. When foxy says da dum da dum Didlly do it's when foxy is coming

  14. Night four call the maneger is killed by freddy,bonnie golden freddy

  15. And the night five call golden freddy is talking

  16. The Dum-Dum sound plays if foxy is at pirates cove

  17. Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington says:

    19:28 freddy trying to summon satan (RECORDED)

  18. Why doesn't 11:23 play in any of the versions I've seen/played? In the Switch version (which is what I played), as well as the various LPs I've seen on the game, that sound doesn't even play- it's just a weird knocking-type sound that's different from the one that plays when Foxy is banging on the door that means that if you check the cameras again, you're basically screwed! That sound doesn't even play here, so why is that the case?

  19. It's sad to think that all these sounds are free sound effects from some random site, or distorted audio.

  20. 1:40 simpre que jugaba mas la primera vez que jugue me asuste con esa musica pensaba que era algo raro y no siempre un sonido ramdom del juego

  21. Guys wanna know something funny? I was playing fnaf and I was home alone (family went to get food but I didn’t feel like going so I stayed home) and I ran out of power and not even kidding, when I ran out of power my actual power went out as well. I was in the kitchen with the light on and then boom right when I ran out of power in the game my power went out in real life. It actually shooked me and I got scared for a bit but shortly after my power went back on. Dang I wish I was recording that because wow that was such a big coincidence Me at 4am with 1% power 😐power goes out in game but in real life as well Me: 😐🤨😮😧😳 9:57

  22. I think the sounds in Ambience 2 are the sound of air passing through a pipe. The sound of air passing through the pipe that has been tampered with. And I've also noticed that from time to time it's like the animatronics have very slowed down shouting sounds. It's like they're in pain. At 07:09, the last animatronic, either Freddy or Bonnie or Foxy, all die in agony. So who killed? Purple Guy! Years pass after Purple Guy kills the animatronics, and with the air flowing through the ventilation pipes of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, nasty sounds are heard. This theory that I made seems like it makes sense. Is not it?

  23. Ngl YouTube's auto generated subtitles did a great job with phone guy 🙂

  24. These needs to be added to iTunes

  25. I know there are gonna be some fuckin jumpscares man I'ma get scared XD

  26. 9:47

    Actually, that's foxy singing and humming. It means foxy has activated and will start attacking the next hour. May happen twice, its just a glitch and rare currency.

  27. You when you’re going to the kitchen to get a snack at 3am :

  28. That moment when it's 2 in the damn morning and you just sat here for 20 minutes listening to FNaF sounds 🥲

  29. That moment when it's 2 in the damn morning and you just sat here for 20 minutes listening to FNaF sounds 🥲

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