Five Nights at Freddy's - All Endings 2014-2021 (Canon Only) -

Five Nights at Freddy’s – All Endings 2014-2021 (Canon Only)

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Big Thanks to Dewaansh Sharma for the HW footage!

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0:00 – FNAF 1
0:17 – FNAF 2
0:37 – FNAF 3
1:40 – FNAF 4
4:03 – FNAF SL
7:57 – FNAF FFPS
11:28 – UCN
13:07 – FNAF HW
13:51 – FNAF SB

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  1. Why does Elizabeth’s voice remind me of peppy pig👁👄👁

  2. Ever realized that william is like 120y old
    (He was 50 in 1980's)

  3. I just had another theory. I think that each of the plushes you see at the end represents the children that William murdered, that may have been Evan's friends, including Cassidy, who is the one who says she will put him back together. That could have also just been Evan's alive friends and I'm just looking into this too much, and hte fredbear plush could have been William.
    EDIT: you forgot the 2 endings where you don't do what Henry wants you to as well

  4. my only question is, how is Glamrock Freddy going to survive in the real world without a recharge station?

  5. Can anyone explain what happened in the Canon ending of help wanted

  6. Fnaf 3 is my favorite cause the end kinda shows how William turned into springtrap showing the lore

  7. Idk if anyone will answer but is Jeremy Fitzgerald one of Michael Afton’s aliases?

  8. Everyone talking about fnaf 6 but in my opinion sister location hit hard

  9. Isnt there an ending where all the anamatronics get savwd including chica roxy montegoregory and freddy and vanessa and the boy

  10. Can we talk about how far FNAF has gone?
    It went from Scary Animatronics in a pizzeria to a huge mall!

  11. Come to circus baby's we have… Killer animatronics! Dead children! robots scooping people in the chest for no reason

  12. "WAS THAT THE BITE OF '87?!"

    -probably someone after seeing the FNAF 4 ending

  13. We all know somebody owns fnaf now not Scott but somebody else does and made the great security breach

  14. It should’ve ended at UCN in my honest opinion william goes to his special hell and everyone can finally be free aand BOOM SECURITY BREACH!

  15. It is soo funny watching the ending of fnaf sb the watching fnaf 1 and wondering how the hell do you go from getting paid to Bruning William Affton for the 3rd time

  16. Fnaf 6 ending was giving to believe that the entire FNAF was over.I hope that FNAF Security Breach Ruin will be the last one

  17. Fnaf 3 bad ending with the heads is so long lol

  18. 3:00 That is not the real music, the real music has copyright, so nobody put it in the videos.

  19. Henry:"Don't keep the devil waiting, old friend."

  20. "Dont keep the devil waiting old friend"
    William has 728368373639273693747926382836392 life's left respawn?

  21. (Copy and paste this in another video or discord server)
    They were eating an ice cream togheter that day.
    He chose vanilla, and she chose blueberry. Not because she liked it, but because she hated smurfs, and liked to think that she was eating their flesh. She hated life and was a psycopath. He, instead, liked vanilla just because. He said:
    "It's such a rainy day, isn't it?"
    "Not really, it's barely raining." She said.
    "Have you ever played Genshin Impact?" He said, to change the conversation.
    She, outraged, punched him in the face and knocked him uncoscious. Blood spilled from his nose, staining the vanilla ice cream. She, to fix it, used the blueberry ice cream. That, though, just made the ice cream taste even more like death. The boy woke up and said to his girl:
    "So you don't like it. What about League Of Legend-" and before he could have finished the sentence, he got shot by a man, who was standing behind them.
    "No one names that game. It killed my Minecraft dog." he said, while spitting in the girl's eyes and doing a ballerina spin. He then ripped apart his hoodie with his bare hands, and revealed himself to be Super Mario.
    That was the last thing the universe ever saw.

  22. Its been 8 years i still cant piece together anything

  23. I love FFPS' ending like everyone but I love fnaf 4's endings as well. I literally cried when he died and his Fredbear plushy's words make me so sad. And I wanna add that we don't know if Afton ending is the true ending. I think maybe Disassemble Vanny ending is the true ending. I think Steel Wool made Afton ending because of show us Afton is still alive and he is under the Mega Pizzaplex and the Mall is built over FFPS. And I think Afton ending is a good ending for fnaf.

  24. I love I want Five Nights at Freddy's if you walk😍😍🥰😍🥰😍🥰😘😘😘

  25. Honestly to me FNAF 6 was the true ending, a chapter that was closed and forgotten, (Custom Night in my theory still has William in his personal hell while the chunk of William’s soul is still out in the virtual world trying to accomplish it’s goal for remenat (Immortality) the only thing that continued was when the VR Testers found a sample if William’s chip and inserted in the computer causing for Glitchtrap to form, basically a reboot. A sequel to the past.


  27. I really wish afton didn't come back for once because that kind of ruins the fnaf six ending for me

  28. FNAF1: Happy
    FNAF2: Happy
    FNAF3: Sad (both endings)
    FNAF4: Sad
    FNAF SL: Unexpected
    FNAF6: Epic
    UCN: creepy
    HW: creepy
    Security Breach: Happy

  29. 8:42 that's the sound from poppy playtime chapter 2 when poppy says listen i need u to trust and there is the sound listen lol that's copyright.

  30. I can hear Mark saying "Was that the Bite of 87?!" in FNAF 4.

  31. Handry is a savage like he just said “connection terminated “ while she was talking

  32. I feel bad for Chris they be thinking he wants a kiss he's literally wiggling for his life, R.I.P Chris he didn't deserved it…

  33. Jesus said, "I Am The Way , The Truth, And The Life. No one comes to the Father except through Me."✝️Turn to Jesus If you want to.

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