Five Nights At Freddy's 2 is insane.. FNAF 2 Full Game -

Five Nights At Freddy’s 2 is insane.. FNAF 2 Full Game

Bijuu Mike
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FNAF 2 is so much more difficult then the first one… Welcome back to the series of Bijuu Mike Plays every Five nights at Freddy’s until we beat them all
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  1. i acidentally spat my water out on my brother wen puppet jumpscared himin the 3rd night

  2. Here is a good strategy to beat the game:
    Check one vent, flash your light three times as your camera moves, and check the other. If there's a toy in either vent, put your mask on, and wait for them to go away. Once you can, wind your music box, and once its wound pull down your camera and whip on your mask. Don't wait at all to take your mask off – the game will stop you from doing so if an animatronic is attacking you – and quickly repeat. This system, once you learn to do it quickly, will carry you all the way through the game if executed properly.  From: wikihow

  3. Bijju mike you finnaly playing this series is fun to watch

  4. Bro found the rarest Easter egg in this game and I haven’t seen one single comment about it lol

  5. The small boy I think is called Ballon boy


  7. My chocky milk almost fell over😡😡😡😡😤😤😤😤

  8. This game is not scary. It's frustrating

  9. brief ( kinda not ) bite of '87 explanation:

    So we have a family of 5 ;
    William afton – the father
    William's wife – the mother
    Elizabeth afton – youngest – sister
    Evan Afton – Middle child – brother
    Micheal Afton – Oldest – Brother

    William and his close friend opened a small business for children's birthday parties and had spring lock suits . they didn't have animatronics at the time . William and his business partner wore these suits . Later they were given endoskeletons. The spring lock suits couldn't get wet or else they would stiffen up and go into the fetal position.
    William was a psycho path who enjoyed murdering children . He had made an animatronic that was built to do the job for him . His own daughter became victim to this animatronic that was known as Circus Baby . after that had happened william knew he couldn't lose another one of his children to his creations. His solution to this was scaring Evan so he wouldn't go to the restaurant. Micheal had no clue of this but he was one thing , a bad brother . He scared Evan often and William was fine with this as he was trying to keep Evan away from Fredbear's.
    ( William's place of work )
    Eventually Micheal scared Evan to Fredbear's . Where Micheal shoved Evan's head and half of his body into Fredbear's open mouth . Evan was crying and the spring lock suits shut when they've gotten wet. Evan's tears soaked the inside of the Spring lock suit instantly . Evan was crushed . Micheal and his friends laughed.

    That was The Bite of '87


  10. When it phone guy said they were so ugly and I said: BONNIE IS BEAUTIFUL

  11. Mike: see Foxy Go away!
    Phone guy: okay, well anyway

  12. Toy freddy toy chica toy bonnie, his name is toy bonnie

  13. if you dont wind the music box, the puppet wakes up and kills you

  14. I think you're mouse was taking revenge on you, lol.

  15. YES u were so lucky on the last night oc the 1rst one

  16. Brush dis dud got shadow bonnie that is like super rare

  17. "It isn't that bad." – Famous last words

  18. Did anyone else see that when the old Chica attacks you, she does a t-pose

  19. Also the balloon guy his name is balloon boy and if you ever seen a pink fox that is mangel

  20. The black Freddy that started fading is shadow Freddy and the one with the white face no eyes and pink face cheeks is puppeteer. I don’t know anything about shadow Freddy but I know that the puppeteer protects the anamatronics

  21. incase for anyone who doesn't know the bite of 87 is when one of William Afton's children head was bitten off
    however the bite of 83 was when one of the workers at Freddy fazbears pizza got their head bitten off by the animatronic called ''mangle''
    (btw mangle is the white and pink animatronic that looks like foxy I think)

  22. peep the Toradora taiga poster in the back there😎

  23. Omg I didn’t know he was gonna do the thing where it says gotcha B word bijuu mike was not family friendly this once

  24. he got so lucky to have mangle moving around, in all my years of playing fnaf i have only got jumpscared by mangle once

  25. Amazing video how you act through out the whole video is excellent🤩

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