Five Nights at Fluffball's Is a Terrifyingly Good Freddy's Recreation in Game Builder Garage (FNAF) -

Five Nights at Fluffball’s Is a Terrifyingly Good Freddy’s Recreation in Game Builder Garage (FNAF)

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Andre gets scared as we check out a brilliant recreation of Five Nights at Freddy’s in Game Builder Garage called Five Nights at Fluffball’s!
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0:00 Intro G-000-BF9-17H + G-000-4KH-D65
0:44 1st Night G-000-6J3-Y6T
7:53 2nd Night G-000-0NB-B4W
15:00 3rd Night G-000-2LX-W5H
21:00 Wrap-up & Game Builder Garage Codes
Video by: Andre
Thumbnail by: Tom

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  1. this took more effort than anything scawthon cawthon has made

  2. Seems more like Five Nights at Candy's to me. . . DUE TO THE WINDOW IN FRONT OF THE OFFICE. . .

  3. GBG games just keep getting more insane everyday!

  4. Remember when I said in a previous Game Builder Garage video that I’d get this whenever I can? Well I’m pushing that to an earlier date. I NEED IT NOW.


  5. Game Builder Garage is amazing for discovering such talented people like the dev of this game

  6. Love how you felt the need to explain the game to us lol

  7. Honestly, this is a bit more like FNaC than FNaF.

  8. cant wait for someone to fully recreate BOTW

  9. I think this is more akin to Five Nights At Candy’s, where you can close the doors and the window in front of you

  10. 3:26 Okay, that legitimately startled me! Even though I've played FNAF a lot too and saw it coming, it still got me!

  11. Nintendo seriously needs to expand this idea of creation. Mario maker, smash stage builder, this. All are excellent tools.

  12. Fun fact: Gamebuilder Garage is about as "hard in coding" as Clickteam Fusion 2.5 (the Engine used for the Freddie's games).

    It's literally the same difficulty and just proves how low effort and cashgrabby these games are. Lol

    EDIT: Later on, Clickteam (yes, the team that made Clickteam Fusion 2.5 and 3.0) took over and upgraded the games to their latest Engine: Clickteam Fusion 3.0. That way, they were were ported to Consoles and are now also published by Clickteam, LLC. Copyright still remains at Scottgames, LLC (a Striker Entertainment, LLC company).

  13. 1:01
    Am I the only one who thinks there's something sus about this?

  14. 23 minutes? Dear god I feel like it was hacked to fit more Nodon to create this masterpiece.

    …Though I will have to dock it a point for the damn Impostor on the left wall there…

  15. you made the best fnaf type gameplay ive ever seen

  16. I can't believe it they actually put FNAF on the channel

  17. DId pretty good! You should see the jump scare though almost gave me a heart attack

  18. “Hey this must be a pretty long showcase, it’s 23 minutes long”


  20. No no not five nights at (Freddy's maker) nightmare 😈 this game i 😌 can't 💨 this is one game i have nightmare,s for years and I'm am not even joking with you or about it 😈 !

  21. 💨 to be honest with you i will Probably Do Do in my 👖 💩 and have nightmare,s / i cry in my bed every night

  22. Wait GameXplain play FNAF?

    ……oh no smash in freddy fazbear mii fighter……

  23. Night 5 is super hard btw. They suddenly get very aggressive and it is very hard to save power. I’ve yet to beat it

  24. Him: Survives to Night 3

    Me: doesnt even have the balls to play this

  25. Longest game in game builder garage I know of lol

  26. We need a Five Nights at Fluffball’s 2, anyone agree?

  27. Dude the game is not even working I’m pressing start game and it’s not even pressing

  28. This looks like a genuine fan game it’s so good.

  29. 6:18 No, in the original, a chicken approaches from the right side.

  30. I know fnaf fan games too well. I already have a guess to how Fluffball works. If Fluffball is not at cam 5, you close the window. We'll see if I'm right

  31. The only issue I have is the among us poster.
    Just… ugh…
    Everything else is actually really cool!

  32. Five Nights at Fluffballs is a clone of Five Nights at Candies which is a clone of Five Nights at Freddy's which is a clone of Sit 'n' Survive (kinda)

  33. I attempted to make a horror game in this and it is far from easy this is very good

  34. Please play G-002-26R-RY8 its a really good fnaf clone with amazing pixel art

  35. I trying to play the game and it won’t let me play the game

  36. okay i am done with my game in game builder garage
    the game ID is G-007-T1V-2FV

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