Finding all the SECRET tapes! | FNAF Security Breach (Part 15) -

Finding all the SECRET tapes! | FNAF Security Breach (Part 15)

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In today’s episode we are hunting for all the things! Collectables, retro CDs, and more! We are going to try and find ANYTHING and EVERYTHING there is to find in this game. Can we do it? Watch to find out!

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0:00 – The Witty Banter
3:09 – The hunt begins…
1:08:22 – Listen to the tapes.
1:43:26 – The Witty Wrap Up

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  1. I did see a possible theory that patient 46 is Vanessa’s twin sister

  2. Slightly sad he still missed the Bonnie Bowl voice line from Freddy right when he was there. But those therapy sessions are interesting. Good job by Mat for finding them all.

  3. Matt’s soul left his body when Ollie came in

  4. I had to wait 2 days for this when this video came out I was in a uncomfortable spot

  5. Hacker Kid Greg is my main cannon, purely because of the amount of loose ends it seems to tie up

  6. hey mat, just a quick thing,
    people with multiple personality disorders can have different personalities (alters) of different ages so the therepists may be talking to a child alter in a way that they could understand. different alters can have different memories as well, so maybe, its a thing of one alter is the manipulator and the other (vanessa), is the one being manipulated which would be a pretty interesting story.

  7. My favourite part of this video, is Ollie. He's so cute. Especially when he scared Mat and walked across the screen. Adorable.


  9. First time i heard Ollie and saw her, he gonna be like her dad? He was SO cute whit her little voice

  10. The cds are Vanessa under the influence of afton. Especially with the parents part. It made it sound like how serial killers are made stereotypically.

  11. Important times in video:
    MatPat finds the Sister Location Room: 33:50
    MatPat begins finding the CD Tapes: 39:52
    Start of Princess Quest l: 46:50
    "MUUUUUSIC MAN": 50:27
    MatPat gets Security Badge Level 8: 50:57
    Start of Princess Quest ll: 52:37
    Chica Jumpscare: 56:07
    MatPat sings a beautiful song: 1:06:23
    MatPat starts listening to the CD Tapes: 1:09:23
    End of the CD Tapes: 1:43:25
    "Daddy!!! It's dinner time!": 1:48:39

  12. The therapist saying the person doesnt fit on the chairs would communicate the person is a child, so yeah Gregory makes sense

  13. YOOO theory , Gregory is the creator of this new line of animatronics since he is very into tech and stuff and when things go south he time travels using the ballpit just like in the book and comes back to pizza plex to end it ( I haven’t watched mats theory idk if any of this is right )

  14. "who knows where my insanity comes from" i think it was the day you covered fnaf my guy xD

  15. mat i think in the 3rd tape she says bill and not weird it could be my audio or something but it sounds more like bill than will.

  16. Hey Matt, Just throwing out there incase no one else has, but Therapist are trained to talk to whatever personality they are in the presence of so as not to cause the patient mental turmoil while they are performing their job. that's why the therapist talk to Vanny/Vanessa/Gregory the way that they do

  17. the things with vanny/vannessa are to test which one the therapist is talking to.

  18. I hate to say it, but the therapists' VAs are awful

  19. The ones that don't talk to the therapist it sounds like they're talking to a kid

  20. 7142 IS "Vanessa"(Vanny). And 4575 is "Gregory"(Presumably Crying Child/Animatronic Human)

  21. i love that he just randomly starts singing showtoons for no reason

  22. What's strange to me is that the person who didn't respond at all didn't like the open shades or the smell of the flowers. They wanted it to be dark and the flowers to be moved. Vanessa likes the smell of the flowers and she doesn't like dark basements. It really is like the therapist is talking to two different people.

  23. Coming home to finish this play through with MatPat singing as he looks was something I needed after the day I had.

  24. Hey just dropping in to say that you calling your son Bean made me very happy my mom calls me Bean still (even though I'm 20) and it's so great to meet another. Welcome to the family lol

  25. I ware Hoodies on a daily basis. In fact, I'm wareing one now.

  26. It seems that the non speaking subject is likely a Vanessa look a like (Whether its Baby or a twin separated at birth). The last tape makes it seem like they are trying to take over/copy Vanessa's life, hence why they lied about having a bad childhood. They probably said that they had Vanessa's childhood.

  27. From what I get from the tapes, it sounds like something related with Glitch Trap was overwriting/manipulating Vanessa's memories. Perhaps Afton converting her into Elizabeth/Baby or something similar

  28. What about a channel called tp (theory plays) were you can put game play

  29. Maybe gregory IS an afton robot and afton is using him to put in malware and manipulate vanny

  30. Mat how do you feel that the game is completely different from the idea of the first trailer? It's so odd that they changed it


  32. What if the numbers in the golf minigame are a code that you input at the bowling alley with the fazerblaster?

  33. Did anyone else notice that when in freddy the save spots have

  34. I know that’s it’s probably already been said but, back when you played princess quests the walls looked weird. To me they look like the wrinkles of the brain, they are curvy and different sizes. So I think that’s during princess quest you play as Vanessa(mentally) and kick glichtrap out of her head.

  35. Why do the tapes in the background have the noise of the salvage minigame tapes

  36. anyone else jumpscared by his kid near the end?

  37. I dont think this is a theory but i find it suspicious that he saw the ends with stars game twice and at the end of each ending there are stars (rating your ending kinda ig)

  38. Ollie coming in at the end was so cute. My heart melted.

  39. I think Vanny and Vanessa are twins but my question is why the animatronics just changed so fast they where like yea let's rock! And then boom serial killers I think they're not hacked they're doing it with their own will if u see fredy when hacked it's eyes are purple a little but the others don't so they're not hacked. A little theory for u mat but who's spirits are inside the glam animatronics? I'm really curious let's see in the next game theory video bye

  40. Is it possible that the therapy session are out of order and the numbers on the side are the therapy session of that person not the case file

  41. This could be why freddy doesn't go after Gregory. He could have messed with Freddy's programming when he climbed into his hatch or maybe he was there to mess with Fred to begin with.

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