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Fazbear Entertainment: Storage Full Walkthrough Night 1-6 + Extras

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00:00 – Night 1
06:27 – Night 2
12:54 – Night 3
19:23 – Night 4
25:50 – Night 5
32:19 – Night 6
40:30 – Extras


  1. You know that one comic where Mike made that terrible joke about preventing the animatronics well now every time I hear prevent them oh my God it's an actual fucking pun or my brain rot Is real)
    Anyway every time I hear that word I just think about that comic and it didn't help that Henry said it too

  2. I think that this is one of the only FNAF fan games that I can nicely fit on the canon timeline with no problems.

  3. Anyone know what the phone call is saying on night 6?

  4. I love this gameplay way better and I get to watch it while eating

  5. Wait so if the cams dont comsume power what comsumes power?

  6. this Animatronic is Not Scary and Creepy They Not Scared Me This Animatronic is Dumb

  7. Pelo a amor de DEUS toys animatronicos eston na versão quebrados🤔🤔🤳🤖

  8. Is J. K Simmons (Omni-Man/ J Jonah Jameson) Phone Guy?

  9. Is it just me or is the game a little bur

  10. ive been stuck on night 5 for so long, my flashlight battery keeps running out, if any1 knows anything to help that will be appreciated

  11. On night 6 how do you know who attacks? Does it alternate? is there a pattern?

  12. Fnaf original e o mais perigo doma cuidado por favor 😨mais ficar o bom jogador bom sorte

  13. Anyone know what phone guy or whoever said at the end

  14. Why is it that in FNaF fangames when you run out of battery or it's the worst moment of the night, it gets to be 6 AM?

  15. I was so comforted by the sounds of cameras and a flashlight that I almost fell asleep

  16. That end jingle sound, is why this fangame is my favorite.

  17. The smooth animations make a difference, such as Bonnie standing up, or one of the animatronics reacting to the flashlight.

  18. OK so ima be honest from the main line FNAF games I Play: FNAF 1, 2, Sister Location and Security Breach and thats all I'm playing from the main games even if new games realease.

    But for the FAN GAMES its:
    Fazbear Entertainment Storage
    The Return To Bloody Nights
    The Joy Of Creation Story Mode
    The Glitched Attraction
    Five Nights At Freddy's Rewritten
    Five Nights At Freddy's Rewritten 87
    Five Nights At Freddy's Plus
    The Joy Of Creation Ignited Collection
    when they come out obviously then that's it for me for the Fan Games and FNAF games as a whole.

  19. One thing that I like about Henry in this is that he doesn't hide details from you. He just straight up says:

    "these Motherfuckers are dangerous, here how to survive."

  20. The only real problem I have with FNaF fangames is the “phone guys”. They talk for way too long and try to imitate the original FNaF phone guy. It always feels a little too try hard.

  21. the end of night 5 is honestly a clutch,the building power went out and someone was gonna attack

  22. "Watchfull for anything unsual tonight" oh right so if they are trying to be my friend, and not take a bite out of my ass I'll let you know my guy. Anyway this is a amazing fan game, voice acting really good, story is super cool too, I love the idea of someone watching over them like this because it makes sense, and how they all look and move etc just amazing, I hope the devs or dev of this is working on more.

  23. Fivefreddysatnighsfouryouandhebutsoifheisactuallylyingwhatdowedoiwastedyouretimewhyareyoureadingsthisstop

  24. i might have to bring home toy chica with me. (it's for my friend)

  25. The thing i never like about most fan games and the ogs was the camera static and in return to bloody nights when u back out of the camera that circle hurts my eyes. Its the only problem i have with fnaf in general. There all great games besides form newer fnaf games help wanted-security breach
    I just never liked the story line and prefer 1-6 story line.

  26. Why is the 6 am jingle is so catchy never found a 1 hou version of it too bad

  27. I got the game but whenever I try to run it it just stops randomly. Help me pls

  28. One thing I gotta say after playing this game is that the 6 am jingle is probably the best jingle I've heard in any Fnaf game or Fnaf fangame ever wish I could have just the jingle as a video

  29. i was not expecting fredbear and springy to pop up wow

  30. This Is how The cronology should look like, The modern ones shouldn't look olders than The old ones

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