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Evolution of fnaf games (2014-2020)

Kingdom Frogs
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Five night’s at freddy
Ender mustafa
The night’s of awake
Fixer the fox
Fixer fire fox


  1. in lore (story) it is way different it’s like,
    fred bear family diner (if this was a game this would go first in the order)
    fnaf 4
    fnaf 2
    fnaf 5
    fnaf 1
    fnaf 3 (and fnaf 6)
    fnaf 7

  2. Can we just appreciate how cursed the fnaf world teaser trailer is? Lol

  3. Fnaf 3 was by far the best game in the series

  4. I thought I became a fan in 2016 but apparently fans sister location was released then and I was crazy excited cuz I was a big fan so maybe I was a fan in 2015 or even 2014-

  5. I started playing fnaf when fnaf6 came out

  6. I really liked the FNaF World trailer lmao

  7. Good job, but please can you add here new game freddy in space 2 ?

  8. I left the series in 2016 cuz it got repetive but lately I have bin feeling nostalgia for the game I came back so confused I thought maybe there was 2 when I left but there is like 5 new ones

  9. Wait he's still making them? I thought 6 was the last one

  10. Can we talk about how he made this with KineMaster 0-0 I thought only I used that xd

  11. I love how special delivery fnaf ar looks real and it looks like its on real life

  12. I remember that used to be the old fnaf 1icon pic

  13. You need to reverse the FNAF 2 trailer the kids was saying ‚mike kill all mike kill all mike kill all’ You never thought of secrets.

  14. I can’t find fnaf world or hell wanted 🥺

    Scott Cawthon: new game
    MatPat: Ah shit, here we go again.

  16. Aqui recordando tiempos viejos? quien extraña cuando esto estaba de moda :')

  17. I think the Freddy fazbear pizzeria simulator it's not scary
    I take my word back it's scary

  18. Fnaf 1
    My fav: freddy
    Fnaf 2 toys
    My fav: puppet
    Fnaf 2 withereds
    My fav: Bonnie
    Fnaf 3
    My fav: phantom freddy
    Fnaf 4 canon
    My fav: nightmare
    Fnaf 4 non canon
    My fav jacko bonnie or nightmare bb
    Fnaf SL
    My fav: funtime freddy
    Fnaf 6: rockstars
    My fav: rockstar freddy
    Fnaf 6 mediocere melodies
    My fav: mr hippo
    Fnaf 6 salvaged
    My fav: molten freddy

  19. I think I created a new fnaf game in my sleep

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