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Every Five Nights at Freddy’s Game RANKED! | (OUTDATED)

Tyler // Tylerland264
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Every Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) Game RANKED! | (Updated)
In this video, I rank every single game in the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise from the worst to the best! All 14 FNaF games. From FNaF 1 to FNaF: Security Breach! This is also an updated and “remastered” version of an older video of mine, sooo yeah. Sit back and relax!

DISCLAIMER: These are my personal opinions and it is ok to think differently!
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0:00 – Callback
0:29 – Intro
3:29 – WORST (#13)
16:13 – (#12)
26:09 – (#11)
28:04 – (#10)
33:27 – (#9)
42:44 – (#8)
45:54 – (#7)
49:24 – (#6)
1:02:19 – (#5)
1:05:34 – (#4)
1:12:44 – (#3)
1:18:44 – (#2)
1:23:00 – BEST (#1)
1:34:09 – Conclusion
1:36:42 – Final Montage
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  1. Hope you guys enjoy the biggest video on my channel yet and honestly, one of my personal favorite videos! Remember, these are my personal opinions and it is ok to think differently!

  2. If this a live than I PROBALY might not be in it cuz I would have to go to school tomorrow, but I will still watch the video.

  3. I bet tyler is going to completly rip on fnaf ar and if she does, im all here for it

  4. Personally I would give these ranks in my opinion:
    Fnaf 1: 7/10 a good start
    Fnaf 2: 7/10 also pretty good
    Fnaf 3: 8/10 a nice challenge
    Fnaf 4: 6/10 not that big of a fan tbh but still a good game
    Fnaf sl: 9/10 very eerie and exciting
    Fnaf 6/ps: 8/10 one of my favorites
    Fnaf ucn: 7/10 a great game
    Fnaf vr/codb: 9/10 much scarier in vr
    Fnaf ar: 5/10 not that interested in it now
    Fnaf sb: 7/10 back then I thought it was "bad" but now I really like it
    Honorable mention:
    Fnaf world: 6/10 it was nice a bit underated

  5. My list
    Hb: freddy in space 2 and furys rage: can't rank them since haven't played them
    11: ar it's ar enough said
    10: sister location while it's not bad I find some parts annoying and also night 4
    9: fnaf 4 I do like the gameplay but the breathing is my main problem
    8: fnaf 3 bad springtrap jumpscare but phantoms are not bad plus it was the 1st fnaf game I played
    7: fnaf 1 not bad however the gameplay is just to boring since its just the same
    6: fnaf world just some characters are overpowered
    5: security breach too much bugs
    4: ucn while no night could really be the same I just prefer
    3. Vr really fun but some parts are a little ti easy for me
    2. Pizzeria sim I really like the salvaging room and the tycoon but the office part is holding it back for being 1
    1. Fnaf 2 good balance off difficulty and really like the challenges.

  6. For me the bests are FNaF 1 and FNaF 2.
    The Worst for me Is AR

  7. I'll give all the fnaf game a 6 or a 7/10 but fnaf ar is a 3/10

  8. This video was epic! While I haven't played all the FNAF games, I agree with most of your reasons about the good and bad qualities for them.

  9. wow, by far, my favorite video to come from your channel. you went into big detail with these games, and reasonably shared your reasons for liking and not liking a game. you are also respectful of others opinions. i also really like your idea for fnaf 3 night 6. and the ending montage was great. loved this video alot

  10. the ending was gorgeous easily on of your best vids
    great job

  11. I really haven’t seen you yelled that loud when you were talking about fnaf ar

  12. I agree with fnaf sb, it's the best for me, I don't care if people hate,I LOVE THIS GAME

  13. I like this one! Yes I have different opinions but I respect yours as well. I know I have said a few times, but my favorite FNaF games will always be FNaF 1, 2, 4 and Pizza Simulator as of now. That’s all I’ll say for right now, but nonetheless good vid!

  14. Remember when fnaf ar was getting actual animatronics. The game got so dead because illumix wouldn’t add any more animtronics and just skins and more things that are micro-transactions. And when they added one new animatronic after 10 months the game still dead and bad
    Illumix literally just let their game die because they aren’t bothered to do anything aside from skins and more things that require money
    Hmmmmmmmmmm. Sounds familiar (looking at activision)

  15. Ok before you say it no he is not a character this is before illumix forgot what skins were but Freddy frost bear is a skin for Freddy and so is black ice bear

  16. Spectacular video.
    While I'm not the biggest Security Breach guy, your reasonings for its placement were excellent. FNaF is such a special franchise.

  17. havent finished this yet, and its already undoubtably your best video! Good points, recording, footage, script e.t.c. the only thing i wanna ask is can you please add timestamps? Its gonna be way easier to watch this, although if you dont thats ok

  18. Well this was fun, I hope you make more longer videos

    My list so far:

    1. Fnaf 1
    2. Fnaf 4
    3. Fnaf 3
    4. Fnaf 2
    5. SB
    6. World
    7. AR

  19. Idk why but I’d kill to see Tyler stream UCN and completing like most of the challenges

  20. Most of these opinions are terrible, awful, horrendous even, but good video tho, very well made.

  21. Something I hate most about Pizzaria sim is actually something it didn’t do, a tycoon mode! After beating the main nights you unlock a tycoon mode! You can make your Pizzaria as big as you want! Have as much stuff as you! And even a pizza making mini game! Or maybe a restoration mini game where you restore the scrapped animatronics to what they used to look like! That would be really cool and might even add character development! But nope, they didn’t do that!

  22. i completely agree with fnaf ar and security breach

  23. I completely agree with the AR one. The game is a fucking money making scam. They also care more about adding new skins then adding actual characters from the games that people care about.

  24. Wait your fav FNaF game is also SB? Mine too! The atmosphere, character designs & traits, 10/10! Some bugs also make more difficulty for the game like the Giga Monty glitch wherein Montys just chase you for ETERNITY!

  25. I agreed with you till you said “illumix go bankrupt” that’s just shitty behavior

  26. I love this Video, even tho I disagree with a LOT of things. I'll never forgive you, for putting FNAF 2 low.

  27. security breach is good but i hate the burntrap design because he had another design but it was “To ScArY FoR KiDs😡” well he was a kinda combination of the blob but 10 times scarier the graphics look good animatronics they also got a new animatronic but roxanne…..its good but she just depressed and the community ruined her chica is good just the pizza and monty is also nice but moon and sun…the community made me hate them no joke burntrap got a cool design and the blob is the coolest and vanny is nice only i hate that they got rid of the knife

  28. Apparently all of leftys lures, dittos, the cpu icon, leftys head icon and leftys profile pack are in the files of fnaf ar for almost a year, and a full lefty model and map icon have been datamined from illumixs servers.
    Fuck this game

  29. Xx-sneezyanus69XD420MLGPUZZYSLAYER-xX AFTON gaming says:

    Yo tyler! one if your tweets made it into a youtube video! İts "The shady history of poppy playtime/enchantedmobs" by daggz at 15:29

  30. even though I heavily disagree with a lot in this list, this is a really well made and I gotta repect the balls it takes to openly say you prefer security breach over fnaf 1

  31. My ranking is this:
    1. FNaF 1 (I’m just very nostalgic to it)
    2. FNaF Help Wanted
    3. FNaF Sister Location
    4. FNaF 2
    5. FNaF 6
    6. Ultimate Custom Night
    7. FNaF 4
    8. FNaF 3
    9. FNaF World
    10. Security Breach
    11. FNaF AR

    The only two games in the series that I actually dislike are the last two, I’m sorry but I just majorly dislike the colorful and not-scary approach to FNaF, I’ve always liked the Supernatural and Spooky aspect a lot more (oh yeah, and the bugs and weak endings). But that’s just my opinion, I don’t dislike it as much as someone like Phisnom did

  32. I forgot to comment this, but this was a nice ranking video. (Kudos to you)

  33. Ill do it myself
    13. Space Freddy 2 (i forgot about this)
    12. AR (Not bad but not good)
    11. Furys Rage (Nice for taking up some time i was bored when it dropped)
    10. FNAF World (Really enjoyed update 1, but couldn't get past update 2)
    9. UCN (Not as good as i initially thought, it would've probly been top 5 a year ago, i played it and liked it, but then i started to slowly develop a bad taste for it)
    8. FNAF 4 (Terrifying experience and seriously traumatizing as well as a sad and dark story, but also kind of confusing)
    7. FNAF 6 (Very satisfying end to the story and great lore, unfortunately gameplay was kinda dull for me)
    6. FNAF 3 (Underrated)
    5. FNAF SL (I honestly didn't like it at first, but now i do i think its very creepy, but i think it has an unnecessary roadblock that holds it back a bit)
    4. Security Breach (Very noticeable issues but very easy to look past, it has alot of replay value to me as ive played and beaten it like 20 times now, although i hope maybe in the future dlc can improve it or unused content gets added back in)
    3. Help Wanted (Very scary experience as it feels like you're in the actual fnaf world, and also has alot of replay value, i would say the lore and the gameplay are way better than SB)
    2. FNAF (OG and very fun still to this day)
    1. FNAF 2 (I will always love it as i can't get over it every time i play it)
    I don't hate any of them btw

  34. imma get canceled for this but in my opinion fnaf is buggier than security breach at least steel wool is improving the game

  35. Fnaf sb is my number 1 as well I’m sorry fans but I actually really love this game

  36. I think security breach is the worse cause once did Glamrock Freddy ask Gregory to get Roxy's onlyfans password. He never asked


    Anyways I think Security Breach is my favorite since it's free roam

    35:45 Doesn't FNAS 3 do that with the minigames where if you don't step on the wires. You die

  37. If I ran illumix I would actually listen to the constructive criticism, add characters, and actually fix the god damn bugs and glitches

  38. 1. Five Nights At Freddy's
    2. Five Nights At Freddy's – The Grant Reopening
    3. Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator
    4. Five Nights At Freddy's – Fazbear's Frights
    5. Ultimate Custom Night
    6. Five Nights At Freddy's – Help Wanted
    7. Five Nights At Freddy's – Sister Location
    8. FNaF World
    9. Five Nights At Freddy's – 1983
    10. Five Nights At Freddy's – Security Breach
    11. Five Nights At Freddy's – Special Delivery

  39. FINALLY some doesn’t like fnaf6/ps like me, though I don’t hate it as much that you do.

  40. My personal ranking

    1. Pizzeria simulator:
    I completely understand why you don’t like this one, but the fact that you can’t see the animatronics is the thing I like about this game. I also like the fact that as one video I’ve seen say, there’s no optimal strategy, which is a big problem with a lot of the games for me. And while not necessarily a positive for this game, I like RNG in singleplayer games. It helps keep things fresh by having you work through what the game throws at you (it’s why I love the game FTL:Faster Then Light).

    2. FNAF 4:
    everything you said about the game I love the greater focus on the audio, which somewhat fixes the before mentioned optimal strategy problem.

    3. FNAF 1:
    Pretty much what you said in the video. And I feel like the fact that the left window is such a smart way to add some extra difficulty.

    4. Sister Location:
    I personally just don’t find this one as fun as the others (the main gameplay at least, I love the custom night), but I still find it fun and I think the semi free roam works (I feel the game Final Nights 4 did it better though).

    5. FNAF 2:
    Basically what you said.

    6. FNAF 3:
    Second verse same as the first.

    7. Ultimate custom night:
    Not bad by a long shot, I just find it awkward to play.

    I haven’t played the rest.

    Edit:also, what happened with one of the fanverse developers?

  41. So ye, Ive decided to delete my old comment as it was rude and disrespectful of your opinion. You can dislike fnaf 6, or love security breach as much as you want. So I'm just gonna state my own opinion, saying fnaf 6 was an enjoyable installment that shouldn't be seen as worthless. It's minigames are fun, the ending slaps so hard, and shouldn't be blamed for another games bad ending. But also, I think security breach is good, it's fun, but Afton and Vanny weren't handled well in the slightest, and Roxy, Afton, and chicas bossfights were dissapointing. Feel free to dissagree if you like, that's just my opinion.

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