EVERY ANIMATRONIC EVER. (we're gonna die..) | FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night #1 - jetgame.pl

EVERY ANIMATRONIC EVER. (we’re gonna die..) | FNAF: Ultimate Custom Night #1

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ULTIMATE. CUSTOM. NIGHT. It’s finally here guys.. this is going to be WILD.

Part 2:

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  1. When didi comes she adds another animatronic she is not a distraction

  2. Cory: I survived until 1am what you gotta say about tha- AAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYHHHHHH

  3. Yo Cory if you go to the settings in the game you will see cheats

  4. It was that balloon girl.I don't know her name,BUTT it was her.I'm eight,that's not why I spelled but wrong.

  5. My brother is good at playing fbaf

  6. ”I’m bout to be the first person to beat it with all the persons.”

    -CoryxKenshhin 2019

  7. Trash doesn't turn anybody on. It's that how one for China. Girl turns everybody on like it won't turn. Oh, just turn anybody on, doesn't matter. It won't turn everybody on it. Just turn 1 person on every time. She comes into your room so it doesn't. It adds a new player and you don't know how?
    That you think, and that's a trash sentence? And somebody bro, did you not hear? I know? She said I know that I would like to find. So I'm adding another person in the ring. That's what you said, so you must be you because you couldn't hear you because you couldn't hear.

  8. Foxy doesn't like you watching him on the cameras

  9. When she comes she can add a another animatronic

  10. ❤🎉🥳🤑😘😇😄😃😀😁😆🤣😂🙂🙃😙🥲😋😛😜🤪🤩😝

  11. When I played Ultimate Custom Night, when I got a jump scare, I did not get scared every jump scare in that game. I did not get scared of that jump scare

  12. Because that doll said there was a new challenger

  13. I understand this was recorded by five years ago, but that animatronic is called phantom, not shadow

  14. Cory the elephant is on because did you saw that thing that said new challenger has appeared that means one of them is turned on

  15. dude, I love ultimate custom night. Can you make more?

  16. Anyone else wish this game was still thought of?

  17. With Bonnie if you see the Bonnie toy on your desk don’t check in parts Cove that’s actually a tip I’m not lying

  18. Try ultra custom night it has 740 animatronics

  19. By the way it is not shadow freddy it,s phantom freddy your welcome

  20. Bro played all scary games and hes still screaming

  21. Rip Akira ( may he sleep with the 7 dragon balls)

  22. 5 years later he still probably doesn’t know how that elephant turned on.. (the ballon girl thing can turn other characters on up to 5)

  23. YO SLICE THAT LIKE BUTTON! Second lol, Let me know some challenges you guys would like to see! (Different animatronic combinations etc.!)

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