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In this video I take a look at FNAF rip-offs for the third time. It’s been quite a while since the last ripoff video and I was in the mood to review some mobile games so it just felt right to make another one of these, I wonder if the games have somehow gotten even worse?

Second Channel:

0:00 – Introduction
0:45 – Bear Party: Fall Down IO
3:43 – Breach Out All The Worlds
6:57 – Block Pizza Five Nights
10:55 – Foxy Animal Merge 2048
12:02 – Five Nights Guard Stickman
13:05 – FNAF Security Breach Runner
14:55 – Playtime World: Monster Ground
16:48 – Five Tries at Love 2
19:20 – Bear Haven 2 Motel Nights
21:16 – Escape From Security – Chapter 2
23:12 – Conclusion
Music Used (In Order)


  1. Fnaf security breach runner is a masterpiece, tiktok clips will love it.

  2. Is thay your son or brotah or smol friend or homie or bud or cool friend or partner or bf or background character

  3. This isn’t a game is about fun
    Tank u scott

  4. First name me Robin her. last name The bank
    So you are robbing the bank

  5. i used to play five nights at love all the time when ivwas a little kid bro 😭😭😭

  6. My crazy math told me you're around 17 years old?

  7. You want to get springtrap don't you? Come on! Watch an ad! AAAAAAAAAAAA

  8. Pls make a video of this that last like 20 hours

  9. the grandma that flew ast you was from granny too


  11. I have the first game for Five Tries At Love lmao. that game was a huge part of my childhood lol

  12. Bruh you're only 16 rn? Damn, I'm old.

  13. “Of a dead child” 💀💀💀💀💀💀

  14. all of these are still better than security breach

  15. Five tries at love was one of my favorite games when I was younger 😭😭 the first one is better than the second imo but they’re so ridiculous that it’s fun to play

  16. i saw like 2 games that are the same as the first game 😐

  17. 24:21 how did I get scared and how did it take me so long to get scared?

  18. 1:25 I don’t think that was Monty, I think that was green Freddy

  19. all of these games are better than what i could make

  20. Did i just made a canon event watching this ☠️

  21. I was 14 when the trailer for fnaf 4 came out, n I thought you were older than me lmfao holy shit

  22. oh my god I remember Five Tries at Love 1 and 2

  23. They aren’t rip offs they are trash trash wannabes fane games

  24. no way block pizza five nights take you to undertale ruins bro

  25. I should have stayed curious tw intense gore volience disterbing images illegal images 15:13

  26. 🐻Misterwilson12_YT Playground Official🍕 says:

    Jeez your this place is like my sister’s room😖

  27. “The animatronics do get a bit quirky at night.”

  28. "it's me"? Nah we got "was it me?"
    Welcome to china

  29. for the pixel gun 5th map, thats ruins from undertale, which is kinda funny as theres a dlc called ruin.

    I think I was actually 8 when I made that video, lost track of time.

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