ELMO FNAF GAMES ARE WEIRD... | Random FNAF Fan Games (Sesame Street) - jetgame.pl

ELMO FNAF GAMES ARE WEIRD… | Random FNAF Fan Games (Sesame Street)

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ELMO FNAF GAMES ARE WEIRD… | Random FNAF Fan Games (Sesame Street)
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  1. is the first game five nights at treasure island?

  2. I'm feeling kinda sick and nauseated
    This video is making me feel a little better

  3. This game reminds me of Roblox but with a elmo fnaf horror game!

  4. HEY salmon Can you find more Plants vs zombies Fnaf fan games because I know some

  5. The first game is a reskin of the original Five Nights at Treasure Island.

  6. (6:30) This is too funny hearing Sam try to read "gang member" LMAO 😂😂😂😂

  7. Please do the mistful crimson morning mod in Friday night funkin? It will make my day

  8. That first one is a treasure island clone

  9. 5:27
    “I can’t honk the nose. That’s a SIN!”
    I agree! It SHOULDN’T be a FNaF game if you can’t honk the nose!

  10. I think that's Tron the original.

  11. 0:02 5:54 that's is least scariest jumpscare I've ever seen it's not even scary. Edit: The developers Feev Neets at Elmo's games didn't even try. Edit 2: 11:46 12:10 Okay he improved there.

  12. What a beauty channal haven't seen him in 11 month 😞

  13. 🎄Tank The Mouse & Kyle Broflovski Club!🎄 says:

    Happy National Girlfriend Day Game Salmon! 🥳

  14. Hey Sam! I just wanted to say that I love your content! Also, I dunno if you remember that game called Venge, but its getting a huge overhaul for Act 0 and Act 1! I would love to see you play it!

  15. Why does the first game look like one of the old Treasure Island games

  16. That for is from the bird because he will break in

  17. I saw when your where spaming your keyboard its says 7 18 2022 but by me it says 8 1 2022

  18. How much ground do you want to come to play with me

  19. 5 years later a remake of 5 nights at Elmo is made and it has the same glow up as the five nights at chuck e cheese remake

  20. am i the only one that noticed the map in the first game is just the map in fnati

  21. Since I saw no one bring it up. I might as well say this since Sam didn't recognize it.
    The door at 3:56 originates from a popular clip that came out a few years ago. That featured a man in a Big Bird costume kicking down said door.
    While I'm unsure on when the game came out. If it came out recently. It's pretty nice to see a Sesame Street fan game acknowledge a popular Sesame Street meme

  22. the random door on the second Elmo game, I just recognized it. Hint: Big Bird meme

  23. Why did a five nights at Elmo's video have to be released on my birthday

  24. No you are good at elmo impressions that's cool😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  25. Day 213 of asking Sam to play At Dead Of Night

  26. Salmon Can you make a video of Random FNAF Fan Games (Roblox)

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