Eevee song by:FNAF GAMING GIRL -

Eevee song by:FNAF GAMING GIRL

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The song stop so I sing it by the wey …..


  1. Ineore jesus and radu. I love this.

  2. the embassy moment when your music go's out XD

  3. dont insolt fnaf gaming she is little she stil cant draw good but i am gana put good comments not bad comments

  4. Hey guys its me fnaf gaming girl with a new channel
    Im not using this account anymore cause of u guys
    And yes i did change my art style and pls go subscribe to my friends A.r tord , Bell Thai , MeItsMe Dannile , Tord and Tom. Theyre really cool so pls go check them out if u want ! ^^ and merry christmas !! So hope u guys understand. BYE!! cough

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