do you remember Five nights at Freddy’s 3? -

do you remember Five nights at Freddy’s 3?

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I asked an AI to draw the phantom animatronics from Five nights at Freddy’s 3, and this is the creepy results.


  1. Bro wasn’t kidding when she said

    there’s a reward waiting for you on the main stage

  2. Golden Freddy Chica bonnie Freddy foxy, in FNAF 1. FNAF 2: toy Freddy toy bonnie toy foxy toy chica.
    FNAF 3: spring trap withered balloon boy.
    FNAF 4 nightmare nightmare fredbear
    Nightmare chica night mare Bonnie nightmare foxy. Custom night. It has every character and it has a lot of Easter eggs. And then there's the new ones which I don't like alot cuz their more babyish.

  3. 🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪🟪

  4. Nobody going to ask why plushtrap looks like he got put on a medieval stretcher torture device?

  5. bro really make me
    clunk clunk clunk clunk

  6. Whys vanny look like that… Its scary… Vanny has the girls thing whys it so skin tight on vanny…

  7. How bout next time, commission an artist to make this stuff. AI Is garbage

  8. Ai definitely knows the 34th rule of the internet.

  9. Let’s be honest, we all came here because of the picture of the short.

  10. Let's all be honest we came to this video by seeing the thumbnail 💀

  11. Normally i ain’t one for bunnies, but GAWT DAWM

  12. Dude doesnt know what Lovecraftian means

  13. That was a little too creative with the boobs

  14. Oh nah wtf is this 😭😭 i hope gregory got his reward on the main stage

  15. what do you wanna bet he saved the vanny image

  16. “Scary” bro hasn’t seen the vhs tapes💀💀💀

  17. Bro where is phantom balloon boy and phantom mangle

  18. Instead of adding vanny you could have added phantom bb

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