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Disney’s Demons | Oblitus Casa

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After two years in development, Five Nights at Treasure Island’s grand conclusion Oblitus Casa finally released on Gamejolt, only for the game to be REMOVED mere hours later.

Of course, I got my hands on it, and my gosh… it may just be the best FNAF fangame ever made.

Five Nights at Treasure Island was one of the first FNAF fangames to achieve major popularity, and nearly a decade later, the series has finally concluded with OBLITUS CASA Radiance Team’s massive conclusion to the FNaTI saga.


As mentioned above, the game isn’t currently available for download; the developers have temporarily revoked it in order to make a few last minute tweaks. However, it should be available again very, very soon.

Unfortunately, at the time of this video’s release, it’s been over 24 hours since _Oblitus Casa_ and the updated release isn’t out yet. It should be out super soon.

Obviously there are going to be spoilers in this video, so if you don’t wan’t spoilers, I’m not sure why you clicked this video!

Thanks for watching.


Five Nights at Treasure Island – @markiplier: youtu.be/MmGvkKp4wL4


Steamboat Willie Whistle Lo Fi – 재주넘는진영: youtu.be/BcE6kB5vHNo

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  1. Could you please make a video on playing Ultra Custom Night?

  2. There isn't enough instructions, the instructions are unclear and don't explain everything, and it expects you to turn your volume up to listen for noises but the jumpscares are unnecessarily loud.

  3. I love this game so much. It takes so much inspiration from Nightmare before Disney, and you can see references pretty much anywhere. I still wish we had a part in this series where Jake went to Mowgli's Palace like in the original Abandoned by Disney creepypasta, and him encountering Photo-Negative Mickey in the first game, but beggars can't be choosers I suppose.

  4. And here I was wondering what happend to Five Nights at Treasure Island and then boom there´s a sequel to it

  5. How much did you get paid by LiamCrush1 to say this?

  6. I think you forgot to mention Suicide Mouse….

  7. I wish they add the no jumpscare option

  8. I always been interested in this game, it looks horrifying, but really good..

  9. Pvz Plush & Gaming With The Plushies says:

    Oblitus Casa actually means "forgotten house"

  10. (Hopefully this doesn’t sound as weird as I think it does, because I have little idea how to explain it)

    I like that you occasionally switch to your face, it breaks things up a bit, and is nice to look at :3

    Also, I loved this vid, it’s a great change from the ones centred around drama. Keep up the good work! 👍

  11. As a person forced to learn Latin by my school, Oblitus Casa means "Forgotten House", and is pronounced "Ah-bli-tus", not OH, but I could be being stupid and wrong in that pronunciation

  12. wait if every toon is controlled by mother except the face, then what about pete

  13. Is Mother is the f**** Earth pissed at us for burning the Disney characters

  14. Bro, I've finished playing the game and it is great!
    and if Disney shuts this game down, as well as treasure island, this has gotta be canon!

  15. please stop giving me the images of these horrors when i go to sleep

  16. It only me but mother sound like a nasty bitch😓

  17. Any plans to do the custom night/Challange modes

  18. Imagine fnaf SB but it takes place in disneyworld.

  19. actually hourglass plays a bigger role than just a cutscene
    he is the thing in the service tunnels

  20. As someone who knows how to read a little Latin… the title is grammatically incorrect. Oblitus (forget) and Casa (house) is incorrect because you can’t just stick two nouns together like that. I think what they were probably trying to say was forgotten house which, in that case, the title SHOULD be Casa Oblitus Est, with est meaning “to be” or “is”. An even more impactful title might be “Casam ab Oblite” meaning House from Forgetting which is more accurately translated as “a house of forgotten memories”. I think this title would more accurately portray the tone of the game whilst also being GRAMMATICALLY ACCURATE.

  21. I really wonder how people don’t shit their pants and get total panic attacks while playing this game.

  22. Update=Night 5 Difficulty got fixed now MickMick Speed got decreased and now the night is more easier

  23. The game looks really awesome the amount of detail the developer put into making each every animatronic look amazing as possible.

  24. tengo que decir 2 cosas, primero: estas guapisimo, segundo: te ves justo como me imaginava como te verias.

  25. I like that monster Mikey mouse guy 😃😃😀👍

  26. I think MickMick's Second Phase Would Be Better Called Mickzilla

  27. I love how Jake just looks at the oil barrels next to Hourglass and as he is about to attack Jake takes out his lighter and he was like "NOPE." and just burns Hourglass instantly to a crisp.

  28. ChromxRobin And CorrinxCamilla Lover And Supporter says:


  29. This guy is not 30, he sounds 19, and looks 19

  30. about the Mickey dolls . You can tell if they are fake because if the doll has a Donald’s head aura it’s fake the aura is transparent.

  31. I think it mines not vents i not sure but i think it like it

  32. Im watching this at night time…. Bare with me

  33. Favourite part of the video: "Howdy!" … "OMG!" XD

  34. so something i find really neat are the toons every single one of them feel like evolutions to old fnati characters in the first one while the old ones are "shades" in post-mortem and hourglass in the actual thing examples: pnm=willy disembodied= daisy acephalous= dippy impurity=pn minnie

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