Custom Night | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 9 (FINALE) -

Custom Night | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 9 (FINALE)

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Thanks for watching this whole thing xD

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  1. Help I copied everything but when I press the button I get jumpscared for some reason Edit: I fixed it

  2. Can you make a tutorial on making a flash to get rid of animatronic in scratch for fnaf fan games?(i subbed)

  3. Yo! Thank you so much man! My son is big time into FNAF and he wants me to help him make a little game. He’s 9yrs old and I’m hoping if i run through one with him it’ll give him the confidence to take off doing things on his own. I’ve briefly ran through your series and I’m gonna go back through in my free time step by step. I’ll keep you updated and I’ll holler if I have questions if that’s ok.

  4. Скинь пожалуйста ссылку на файл твоей игры. Я очень хочу поиграть в твою игру🥺

  5. Is there a link to the game so we can play 🥺

  6. Hi DkUniverse your tutorial is very gold but i really want you to make a tutorial for a mask and maybe a music box mechanic on your patern, cuz if I watch others tutorial I cant put the code in your patterns.
    Please I really need IT.

  7. when we get into the office we need to perss "space" to move our camrea how can we make that in the office we dont need to press any buttons to move our camera???


  9. you’ve helped me out, i almost done with it, because i added more details to it.

  10. I need therapy after making 100 difficultys 💀

  11. 10:11 nobody noticing that the broadcast actually says "cutomNightScreen"

  12. How do I stop him from going really fast towards the door though

  13. Welp, im choosing my engine for my game Toy World, is it a game engine or scratch, I use discord as a temporary

  14. DKUniverse can u share the project again i wonder why u unshared it?

  15. Bro this guy you copied someone else XD you idiot bro Iike you gave no credit for the person who made it lol

  16. In My Custom Night, The Animatronics Have Different Emotions According To Their Difficulties Like For Example: They Closed Their Eyes When It's 0, They Open Their eyes If It's Between 0 And 20, And Their Eyes Become Black When It's 20, How Do I Code That

  17. Hey DK great tutorial but how do you setup when you die from the power? When my power hit's 0, nothing happens and it just keeps on going down

  18. awsome!
    but can you plase the whole project link?

  19. OMG TYSM YOU'RE AWESOME AT TUTORIALS! Thx For Helping me with this, I am just working on part 3. I just started on June 8th. Thanks for the tip and thanks for hearting this comment. 😀

  20. i could of been here but instead im stuck on episode 3

  21. I'm almost done creating my fan game called Welcome to Fredbear's Thank you so much for this tutorial and now all I have to do is code the puppet

    Ill post a follow up when i finished the game.

  22. scratch suck i prefer using clickteam fusion developer +

  23. Great series, could you please share your source code for this scratch game or share the link in scratch ?

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