Custom Night | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 9 (FINALE) -

Custom Night | How To Make A FNAF Game In Scratch | Ep 9 (FINALE)

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Thanks for watching this whole thing xD

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  1. Hey DK great tutorial but how do you setup when you die from the power? When my power hit's 0, nothing happens and it just keeps on going down

  2. awsome!
    but can you plase the whole project link?

  3. OMG TYSM YOU'RE AWESOME AT TUTORIALS! Thx For Helping me with this, I am just working on part 3. I just started on June 8th. Thanks for the tip and thanks for hearting this comment. 😀

  4. i could of been here but instead im stuck on episode 3

  5. I'm almost done creating my fan game called Welcome to Fredbear's Thank you so much for this tutorial and now all I have to do is code the puppet

    Ill post a follow up when i finished the game.

  6. scratch suck i prefer using clickteam fusion developer +

  7. Great series, could you please share your source code for this scratch game or share the link in scratch ?

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