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Gmod FNAF Games … 5 Years Later and not a lot has changed!
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► So what happened in the video?
Well.. A long time ago (5 years ago) there was a series on my channel called the FNAF games, where one would play as the game master and dictate where the animatronics will go to, while the other person(s) is the security guard, trying to survive the night. The Gmod FNAF games are back for this video, but if it gets received well, we’ll do more 😀
Mike’s channel – @Golubovic

► Some of the gear I use:
Graphics – GeForce GTX 1080 Ti –
CPU – Intel Core i9 7960X –
Microphone – Blue Yeti –
Camera 2 – Canon 70d –
Camera 1 – Canon 80d –
Speakers – KRK Rokkit –
Headphones – HyperX Cloud Flight –
Webcam – Logitech Brio 4k –

Background music – []

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  1. The first 5 youtubers i saw ever on youtube in order

    *preston playz
    *venturian tale
    *mr gibb
    *Atlantic craft

  2. Whats this map called i cant find it. I have searched the whole workshop. Pls somebody help me.

  3. Is there a download or something so wanna play it

  4. man i miss this shit man, I remember i was 7 used to watch his gmod fnaf videos, i killed and other stuff i would turn on the tv sit on the couch, watch his content and eat takis i used to also watch sfm fnaf now im 11 and going back to my historic days.

  5. I used to watch u for years, had came back to vids to rewatch and to find the map you use

  6. I grew up to you! Glad to see you’re still doing well

  7. Dudeee tonyyy the legend you have no ideaaaa how long we have been waiting for this it puts a smile on my face to see you guys playing again I swear to god if u guys played gta 5 again omggg that would be the best come back I would have ever seen

    And you left us on a clift hanger for this vid XD

    ngl this is my favorite video of all time on the whole of YouTube the investigation could continue :0000 XD

  8. Your back since 2021 here and the good times in 5 years

  9. Anyone have the link to this map?

  10. wait… i used to watch you five years ago and i remember you playing this

  11. anyone have a link for this map/gamemode/assets?

  12. Can someone send me the link to the gamemode please.

  13. Where can I find this map on the steam workshop

  14. Happy 2021 boooois 😀 a lot of videos coming this month!

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