CHUCK E CHEESE IS THE NEW FREDDY FAZBEAR?! | Random FNAF Fan Games! (Chuck E. Cheese's) -

CHUCK E CHEESE IS THE NEW FREDDY FAZBEAR?! | Random FNAF Fan Games! (Chuck E. Cheese’s)

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CHUCK E CHEESE IS THE NEW FREDDY FAZBEAR?! | Random FNAF Fan Games! (Chuck E Cheese’s)
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  1. Ea: good news now Freddy fazbear's pizza is coming be real

  2. Jasper shapeshifted into jasper the dog but without no gem probably under the nose

  3. Life gives you lemons, give them to TheGameSalmon

  4. I’ve been to the location that my aunt took you to my like me to add tell me the location of Chuck E. Cheese’s next to the truck Chuckie with Charles and 19 Menchie’s is actually with the hat that’s truck is my name when he said Charles entertainment cheese is

  5. I went to Chuck e cheese and it was fun but the animatronics there literally just sing from the tv and most of the time they don't sing at all

  6. I only came for the game he played 5 years ago nobody plays it now I don't know what new animotronics they added or anything

  7. Chuck E. Cheese were still open
    Different rule
    You have to take a picture by your parents or yourself

  8. “Those news reports are fake……I hope”
    Me:oh you are very wrong my friend

  9. I made a popping noise from my mouth after this timestamp (It was funny to me) 0:44

  10. I think I will play that Ninja turtle game at chucks cheese

  11. I like how you played the banjo and kazooie song win you wour win you were trying to guess the dogs name

  12. They recovered from bankruptcy buddy your n9t the only one who loved that restaurant

  13. The second game it's from schatch or something

  14. Let me tell you the names from Chuck e cheese I know all the names the dog is called Jasper or you could call him Jasper teacher and the chef guy's name is Pasquale and the mouse is Chuck e cheese's self and the bird one is Helen Henny got that okay

  15. Salmon, your not ready for the news I’m ready to tell you about FNACEC

  16. hey there is this way more cooler game on game jolt called five nights at chuck e cheese rebooted i dare you to check it out

  17. 1:58 That's Jasper from Chuck E Cheese, not Mr Duggo…

  18. Play five nights at chuck e cheese rebboted

  19. Chuck, Jasper, Much, Helen and Pasqually

  20. If I'm being honest I used to like pepperoni but now I like cheese a lot

  21. What if you did some random games that your fans made, heck there are probably some under this very video, don't get scamed tho

  22. There not fake there real there were kids missing

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