CHICA IS AFTER ME IN THIS INSANE VR FNAF GAME!! - Vive Nights at Freddy's (Oculus Rift) -

CHICA IS AFTER ME IN THIS INSANE VR FNAF GAME!! – Vive Nights at Freddy’s (Oculus Rift)

Omar Sebali
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CHICA IS AFTER ME IN THIS INSANE VR FNAF GAME!! – Vive Nights at Freddy’s (Oculus Rift)

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  1. Whos your favorite fnaf character ? Mine is nightmate chica

  2. I have a YouTube video it is call Zoysia Tinzie

  3. r u ready for freddy in fnaf help wanted(official vr fnaf)

  4. Everything's gonna be fine theres nothing to worry about right?

  5. Can you play again this game?
    You so fanny!
    I like VR!

  6. Hey Omar I’m a hug fan and ween fnaf from help wanted comes out are you going to play it. Because I’m going to get it ween it comes out because I love to play FiveNightsatFreddys 🐤🐰🐻🦊

  7. Omars confidence=you want the D well you Ain’t getting the D. after he said that the lights turn off=I’m sorry you can get the D😂

  8. Thats not scott thats foxy search in the youtube

  9. omar i just read your comment i just saw it said you didn't do your intro i didn't notice you didn't do your intro

  10. omar you are so oh y god oh my fucking god do you know what happened my little sister poured cold water over me and my mum is out shopping so i have to take care of my little sister my mum is going t be so angry wait im gonna deal with this little baby

  11. Do you play any borderlands ever? If not pls make a borderlands series.
    I love this game because……it’s vnaf / vive nights at Freddy’s

  12. Play more of that cause I wanna see chica crying when you beat the game

  13. Beat the game and make chica cry in all fnaf games ps:the joy of creation

  14. you question the word of the mighty gimmys

  15. I never tried VR but CAN I HAVE A SHOUT OUT?

  16. One question Omar play…
    It will mean a lot to me

  17. I love how in the title it is not five nights but vive nights LOL

  18. I think chica is my favorite I don't know why but she is my favorite cuz she's never jumpscared me when I play UWU

  19. Tell CHIKA that shes messing whit the sabali waier

  20. can you pleass look oup on youtube eddie vr

  21. Omar, do u play “Dead Island”

  22. Nope nope nope not fucking with this nope nope nope nope nope

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