Can Twitch Chat Survive A SINGLE NIGHT of FNAF? -

Can Twitch Chat Survive A SINGLE NIGHT of FNAF?

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I set up a program to allow chat to play the original FNAF, and we spent hours trying to beat just the first couple nights.

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  1. Fun Fact: The Animtronics Move More When You Look At Cams.

  2. bro im still shocked at seeing my comment making it in the video at 3:33

  3. All I could think of was just boonies going "what the actual hell" as a door slams in his face numerous times

  4. I hate that there were probably a lot of people sabotaging it on porpuse 😭
    like using the right door even tho theres no one there-

    there was probably some opening the bonnie door on porpuse
    and the poor guys w delay too-

  5. Now we need chat to do 50/20 mode on UCN. We need it now.

  6. This is what happens when multiple brains try to do different things with a single hand

  7. Why are they closing doors on the first night when NOTHING IS HAPPENING?

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  9. Mfw you’re supposed to be on Lockdown!

  10. idk this guy but when i saw the glimpse of astolfo in the background i subbed

  11. Why does he have a femboy poster behind him

  12. I dont know if i was the only one to notice this but right before they beat night 1 they got a easter egg where freddy stares at the camera

  13. We should do a social experiment where a live is left open until chat reaches and beats 5th or even 6th night, will take years but could be interesting

  14. I wonder what it’d look like if a pigeon played fnaf

  15. Tbh this is how I’d be acting if I were hired for this job. Nothing but panic and chaos

  16. You know, piper beat night one all by herself this shouldn't be that hard (yt channel nikedman, "how a 6 month old baby beat fnaf 1")

  17. 7:14 “No! You’ve a lot of brain cells. They’re just bouncing all over the place!” Strangely wholesome lol

  18. You dont need to do anything at night 1, not even closing doors or skiping night. Or something else

  19. This is NOT markiplier 😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏

  20. Make a video like this again but with !honk

  21. I think with some extra programming you can make “Close Ldoor” and “Open Ldoor” and “Open Cam” and “Close Cam” making the game much easier for chat to play.

  22. I just noticed this but is that Astolfo on on left?

  23. If its worth anything, maybe you should make the commands UPL!door, and DOWNL!door (for example), to keep control of the door movements and saving more power.

  24. There should’ve been a button to boop Freddy’s nose

  25. Quick question. Does your chat have access to your game? As in, they control the mouse?

  26. This is why comunism doesn't work XD

  27. Fun fact: you can beat fnaf 1 night 1 without doing anything

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