Can I 100% COMPLETE the HARDEST Five Nights at Freddy's FANGAME ever made (Post Shift 2 Pre-Patched) -

Can I 100% COMPLETE the HARDEST Five Nights at Freddy’s FANGAME ever made (Post Shift 2 Pre-Patched)

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Alright…it’s time to 100% Post Shift 2!!!

Today, we’re diving headfirst into the ultimate challenge: attempting to 100% complete Post Shift 2, arguably the toughest Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame ever created!

In this adrenaline-pumping adventure, I’ll be facing off against a horde of animatronic nightmares, each more cunning and relentless than the last. With new mechanics, fearsome enemies, and heart-stopping moments around every corner, this game is not for the faint of heart.

Join me on this epic journey as I strategize, analyze, and endure through the perilous nights, determined to conquer every challenge thrown my way. From mastering the mechanics to deciphering the cryptic clues, every moment is crucial as I strive for that coveted 100% completion.

But beware, for this is no ordinary gaming experience. Post Shift 2 pushes the boundaries of fear and difficulty, testing my skills and nerves to their very limits. Will I emerge victorious, or will the animatronic army prove too formidable? There’s only one way to find out!

So grab your popcorn, settle in, and prepare for a rollercoaster of emotions as we embark on this quest together.

Are you ready to witness the ultimate test of skill and courage? Let’s dive into Post Shift 2 and see if we can conquer the hardest Five Nights at Freddy’s fangame ever made!

Intro- 00:00:00
100% Checklist – 00:01:35
Night 1-3 (Bad Ending) – 00:03:00
Night 4 (Bad Ending) – 00:14:57
Night 5 (Bad Ending) – 00:22:03
Night 6 (Bad Ending) – 00:34:40
100% Setup & Secret Collecting – 00:51:37
Bonus Night #1 (Containment Aggression) – 00:54:14
Bonus Night #2 (Oxygen Life) – 01:02:51
Bonus Night #3 (Stage 05 at 0.5 Speed) – 01:15:27
Final Ending – 01:32:16
Outro – 01:34:58

Intro – RUN RUN! by CK9C
Background Music – Various Songs from FNAF World, FNAF Pizzeria Simulator, FNAF Security Breach/Ruin DLC, Help Wanted 2 & Post Shift 2


  1. Map 87 kinda looks like fnaf 2 isn’t it?

  2. It took me 0.000000000000069 seconds to hit the like button when he said do it if you though he hadn't complained enough

  3. Are you the mental patient that escaped ChickenNinja? I have orders to bring you back

  4. Wait you talked about Fun with Freddy 2? I remember you telling me to pound sand because it was complicated lmao

  5. Apart from being ridiculously hard and complicated. The animatronics models and animations are incredibly well done.

  6. I have found my twin in gaming 😮

  7. 15:10 dude remnant bb is so f ugly dawg and creepy same for all the revenant animatronics dude revenant bonnie looks like a human got put into him and years went by

  8. 2:10 erm actually it's called map 87 because it's the map of FNAF 2 ☝️🤓

  9. I just saw that the “Map 87” item is literally just the Fnaf 2 map

  10. Love to see your videos, your jokes are so hilarious, man I'm dead💀

  11. You can technically go the hole game without seeing the animatronics 1 time

  12. Fun Fact: apparently this game is not the hardest Fnaf fan game. Its not even in the top 50

  13. I remember watching you with 426 subs, you have become such a good ytber. (Not that you weren’t already)

  14. okay new challange, get amnesia and finish Post Shift 2 without ever reading any tutorials

  15. I love how he Did the funny number porcentaje (69%)

  16. Me when I’m in a padding competition with a kevlar vest wrapped around 5 pillows only to see my opponent is Post Shift 2:

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