Can FNAF Kill You IRL? | The SCIENCE!...of Five Nights at Freddy's -

Can FNAF Kill You IRL? | The SCIENCE!…of Five Nights at Freddy’s

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Scott Cawthon and the FNAF franchise have perfected jumpscares –to the point where I will hide behind furniture in fear! This begs the question: How much can fear affect us? Could Freddy and Chica literally scare You to death?! Don’t worry, we have the answer. In this episode, Austin finds out if FNAF can give You a Heart Attack!

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  1. Some part of you is saying it is not real because you can’t make ‘real’ looks in video games; you are seeing something that is just many little ‘block’ lights. ‘Real’ things are Made of smaller ‘structures’, even a mad man can see that something is wrong with the picture.

  2. Why do he always saund like it's his last time talking 😂😅😅😅

  3. My Nana heard three or four and she is still alive so you’re wrong I am right because I know I have like 500 of them and she still alive!
    Sooooooooooo you are wrong
    So give me 1000 marinated chicken cooked to perfection

  4. Having a resting heart rate of 40bpm, even if you're part of the masses (myself included) that just sit around and don't exercise much, that number seems exceptionally low. I don't disagree with your findings however, but I think, as with all good scientific endeavors, this study needs to be repeated! This time, using different contraptions that can monitor your heart that won't break your bank account. I do feel you have an excellent theory on this though, and it requires more study.

  5. Austin you know what really scares me
    Those big words that you use
    Like neopedophilephrine or kilipophrin or hippoautmus or whatever you said

  6. Anxious wreck of a human being like me
    Me=“You rang?”

  7. It depends on how your state is.

    If your with someone who’s driving a car and you get scared. You could scream making the driver spin out of control which causes a accident.

    If you are sitting on a stool that has a floor of spikes and you get jumpscared you would fall off the stool into the spikes. So oof

  8. So this means we should have 7 ft+ tall people play horror games so the don't die at thirty?

  9. You die in the game, you die in real life

  10. get to the friggin point you annoying buttcrevice

  11. Trying to watch this video and remembering exactly how bad my irrational fears are oh god

  12. so dawko is a exercise channel? Cool

  13. When a nurse hears resting heart rate of 40 for a non hospice person 😳

  14. "At least 111 of you watching this video will die from a car accident in the next year"

    Me who is going on a car trip soon:

    Well, shoot.

  15. Hey Austin; do this again but with the fnaf vr game and surround sound

  16. When you have anxiety and started playing the game today

  17. You ducking duck, got me with toy chika😭🐥

  18. According to his statistics from the video, about 550 individuals have died since this video has come out

  19. Fnaf ain’t as scary as he says it is….

    Or most people say it’s scary


  20. Resting heart rate of 40 bpm? Austin really is dead inside

  21. Austin’s Theories be like Can the jump scares in fnaf kill you. Matt Pat’s theories be like evil Guy in bunny costume steals your body And there’s nothing you can do about it

  22. The fear response is important So Eat your electro lights and Your faaaaaat it did wonders for my fathers heart and IBS and so far I can run at the speed of A bike For a Relatively short period of time so bassically I should be dead it's a me a dead man it's nice to meet the meaty meat To teach my heart how to beat So it feels like treat everyday when ever you follow the Beat of life

  23. Oh dear god, it's been so long since I last saw an Austin video, I think I actually wrote him out of my mind!

  24. I know this was a long time ago but good thing you didn’t go to 4, it go’s to volume 0 to 💯 in 1 jumpscare

  25. I never appreciated how he matched the Ode To Joy with the MRSHR (Most Recent Stated Heart Rate).

    More reasons why Austin is the best part of this channel.

  26. I can understand where Austin is coming from I also suffer from PTSD/Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

  27. this video game me 10 panic attacks just from how big the words were

  28. I was today years old when I realized his name was “Scott cawthon” and not Scott coffin like I thought😂

  29. The only thing that scars me is the “play station” thing. Like at the end of the add and it says “play station” omg it’s kinda scary lol

  30. wait… you live in champaign illinois, omg. I live close to there.

  31. I actually got anxiety hearing him describe anxiety.

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