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Today we playthrough some Hilarious Bootleg FNaF games! | Five Nights at Freddys Bootleg games gameplay!
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  1. The slot machine literally looks like the creator just copy n pasted an existing file of a game already made and placed shit they downloaded on over the old file

  2. Balloon boy looks like he smoked ALOT of meth. When I say alot, I mean TRUCK LOADS

  3. dude when i heard tgb i thought of toast
    tgb fans will get it.

  4. Anyone else clicked the X on the ads he got? ._.

    And yas I know this was back when the dinosaurs were alive so I wont get a reply

  5. Ballon boy is now Balloon Boy!

  6. you want see some bootleg fnaf? then check out my game bootleg night at freddy (actually the name i do no mistakes) its good theres some bugs but it can pass

  7. 8:06 what the the bloody HELL is that!
    I'm dying that's it I'm done icant…

  8. I would watch if you did more of these bootleg fnaf games
    Btw ღ your vids

  9. You get a add you get a add you all get a add
    Me: will it end it a good game but why so much adds

  10. Can we just take in the fact that the third game, toy Chica has only one eye

  11. Also the slot machine game, they took a fantasy slot game and poorly edited it

  12. Trying a game I made a sister location

  13. Now we can see what Glitchtrap was probably going through

  14. One like one v-buck for me getting the new battle pass

  15. This Makes me want to commit LEGO Step.

  16. I actually download jollibee's phase 2 on Android it's been reaupload accept for jollibee's man I want jollibee's

  17. i fear no man, but that thing it scares me

    The thing: fnaf bootlegs

  18. In the first age, in the first battle, when the shadows first lengthened, one stood. Burned by the embers of Armageddon, his soul blistered by the fires of Hell and tainted beyond ascension, he chose the path of perpetual torment. In his ravenous hatred he found no peace; and with boiling blood he scoured the Umbral Plains seeking vengeance against the dark lords who had wronged him. He wore the crown of the Night Sentinels, and those that tasted the bile of his sword named him… the Doom Slayer.

    Tempered by the fires of Hell, his iron will remained steadfast through the passage that preys upon the weak. For he alone was the Hell Walker, the Unchained Predator, who sought retribution in all quarters, dark and light, fire and ice, in the beginning and the end, and he hunted the slaves of Doom with barbarous cruelty; for he passed through the divide as none but demon had before.

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    None could stand before the horde but the Doom Slayer. Despair spread before him like a plague, striking fear into the shadow-dwellers, driving them to deeper and darker pits. But from the depths of the abyss rose The Great One, a champion mightier than all who had come before. The Titan, of immeasurable power and ferocity. He strode upon the plain and faced the Doom Slayer, and a mighty battle was fought on the desolate plains. The Titan fought with the fury of the countless that had fallen at the Doom Slayer's hand, but there fell the Titan, and in his defeat the shadow horde were routed.

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  19. Why does BALLON BOY (BB) had a beard in the 1 one

  20. This makes me think of captain sauces mobile masacist

  21. this is the only fusionzgamer video that has comedy editing lol.

  22. I didn't know balloon boy hit puberty 🙂 I probably explains the beard

  23. Fuzion's Son: Can I get dis?? Shows Dentist Game
    Fuzion: …You shall now be…
    Fuzion's Son: Be what?
    Fuzion: ANAILIATED
    Fuzion's Son: Wha?-

  24. He isn’t balloon boy

    He’s balloon MAN

  25. The thumbnail already makes it ● clear ● how bad these games are.

  26. Did noone notice that freddy had a GUN

  27. 8:43
    "I didn't treat any kids, I treated animatronics!"

    So…who's gonna tell him?

  28. I̶N̶F̶I̶N̶I̶T̶Y̶ Z̶e̶r̶0̶ says:

    Hey, where’s that one clone that had you hide under the bed from killer dolls until 6-am?
    (One of the characters had a green face,wide smile, and yellow eyes, another one was a spongebob shaped person, titanium white paint, no arms, only legs and torso, a brown Afro and a face on said torso.)

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